The Leo Triplett - Messier 66 Group

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A crypto project which sets stakes of its users to zero has nothing to do with the basic ideas of blockchains and cryptocurrencies.
It's a shame to run down such a project and let it go to waste in that way.
As funds on STEEM aren't safe anymore, I moved all over to HIVE.


Fantastic images Kevin, the distances are immense and mind boggling but stunningly beautiful too.
Your captures are super clear and bring the whole region to life.

Thank you very much for your kind words @molometer
Yes, the distances are really hard to imagine.

I've been focusing on the local group last night and got some nice clean photos.
I think I got Vega last night and that's just 25+ light years away. :)
Astonishing distances.

I’ve seen them 5 minutes ago :-)
Really good pictures.
If you want to know what is on your pictures, you can try . It will detect what is all on your image.
Sometimes it has its problems, but maybe it will work with wide field images.

The will get really surreal when you turn them into kilometers or miles.

Thanks for the info Kevin, I will take a look. At the moment I'm using an old cardboard star finder chart that I've had for years.
It shows where the local things are in the sky. I think I will need to get a telescope pretty soon. :)

Such cardboards are good, so you learn to "navigate" on the sky.
When you buy a telescope, there is one big advice: Don't buy a set of telescope or mount, even when it's cheaper. My first was a such one... Looking through it was horrible. It was totally shaky, so it was only useable on the moon with a magnification lower than a small binocular.

I really like your astro posts Kevin. Amazing what you do! Enjoy the hot day my friend!

Thank you very much for your kind words David :-)
It is almost too hot for me. But with an ice cream and a little bit cold water on my feets, its just perfect :-D Enjoy the hot day too :-)

A cold bath is a very good idea ... .

A great article! The quality of content really top notch! A professional job! Regards!😎

Thank you very much for your kind words @astromaniac
Greetings :-)

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