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RE: AI learns to play Flappy Bird - the impact of machine learning on Steem Blockchain

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The first one is my general account. I started with it and use it for my fiction posts, plus anything else; such as music, interesting facts for showing to (yourself) and your kids plus my political rantings.

The #4 was named so because I intended posting my novel from Book 04 in that account, as the system of posting my story at 2 pages per post means I am likely to be dead by the time I am ending book 03.

However, I changed my mind (after establishing the name) and re-started from Book 01, but those/these posts are each of 10 pages. Thus, those who are seriously interested in reading find it easier to do so.

I do try to avoid using acc #4 for anything but the story.

lol - maybe I should open accounts #2 and ##, so that it makes sense?

I'm preparing to make my first post on a scientific question I pose...which regretfully is likely to only expose how ignorant I am. It is still worth posting, for if someone answers with a scientific/logical reply, all of us who do not know might learn something new.


Dear @arthur.grafo

which regretfully is likely to only expose how ignorant I am.

Hahaha don't think about it this way. From my experience people do not seek for "wisdom" online. People are looking for "human touch" and opportunities to get to know someone valuable and have interesting conversation / dialog.

Please send me memo once you publish your post. I would appreciate and I will show my support for sure :)