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RE: Sex Drive: Do Women Have More of Id?

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You make a point, and you make it well. But before I get into that, I recommend the video to anyone who hasn't watched it. Delightful--that woman is great, and I don't understand a word of Greek. 😄

Just a few comments about the post, which of course is well researched. Men are "quicker on the draw" and more eager to engage. But when we think of a behavior as important to survival of the species as sex drive, it can't be as simple as that. It has to have some significance for propagation. When it comes to actual engagement, men are more quickly gratified than women. So, in a way, women have a more enduring sex drive. Also, recent research indicates that while the male sexual urge may be fairly uniform from day to day, there is great variability in the female sex drive--which seems to be related to ovulation. During ovulation, it is suggested, women are as easily aroused as men. Which leads me to wonder what effect birth control pills have on sexual arousal and this natural cycle.
What does this mean? I don't know. I guess it means we have to keep asking questions.
As usual, provocative, and entertaining.


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Thank you utopian-io! You were a great resource during Hardfork transition, especially. Appreciated that a great deal.

She is delightful, and knowledgeable, and very Greek!

Some of the points you made were made in the doc as well, such as the birth control pill argument, but I haven't read up on that, so I confess ignorance.

It's definitely true that the variability in the sex drive of women is much greater; that's been confirmed by metastudy after metastudy. It's interesting to note that our female mammal cousins are only receptive during certain parts of the month or of the year, so it wouldn't be very surprising if the variable sex drive of women somehow harked back to, or was a vestige of, those times.

I also don't know about the enduring sex drive. It's definitely true women have a much greater capacity for sex, but that's just a "lip service" sex difference since they don't seem to use it, although the women who do it professionally find it comes pretty handy!

As to the general topic, there will be many more arguments coming in a couple weeks! It doesn't suit the nature of the topic to be dissecting them like I'll be doing (e.g. this 'masturbation edition'), since the strength of the argument is in its holicity (holisticity?), but I can't publish a 15,000 word post :D

I'm looking forward to the posts! I wish I did understand Greek. A very dynamic lady. I can't imagine she ever gave a dull lecture :)

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