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RE: The science of scamming people

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Good morning @aboutcoolscience,

The good news is that most creams actually do that fairly well […]

Phew … 😝

Jokes aside:

This is a very well-written, honest article.
Reading about the truth behind the science publishing industry truly made me cringe, despite not being fully unaware of it. As for the whole homeopathy nonsense, well … I think I have been desensitised to it! It does not even faze me anymore, as it has become commonplace among my girl friends and family members (from pills to shampoos).

I have also read one of the papers you cited here: Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water Supplies. It was rather concerning to read about the possibility of long-term effects for humans resulted from the exposure to these chemicals in drinking water. And very disturbing to learn that this is already greatly, and seriously affecting marine life.

Thank you for informing us about all this.
I wish you a wonderful week ahead!


Thank you for your comment. Actually regarding tap water I have a colleague that studied it as his PhD thesis and he found that the concentrations of some pharmaceuticals in tap water were high enough to cross the placental barriers and affect the babies in pregnant women: so I would avoid drinking tap water if you are pregnant

Thank you for providing me with this additional piece of information :)
I have a friend and a family member who are pregnant, and I know that at least my friend drinks tap water!

Have a great rest of the day,
Take care:)