The Floating Stones of Ram Setu; a mystery

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Man would always be amazed and thrilled at the beauty and diversity of nature therefore, he becomes inquisitive and strives to give scientific evidences or validations as to why things occur, happen or why they are what they are.

These floating stones are among the mysteries scientists are yet to unravel.



The floating stones of Rama Setu is located at a bridge called Rama Setu. Rama Setu, also known as Rama's bridge or Adam's bridge is a 30km long bridge stretching from Rameswaram(Pamban) Island, off South-East coast of Tamil Nadu, INDIA to Mamar Island, off North-West coast of SRI LANKA.

Geological surveys suggests that this bridge is a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka. Most of it parts are currently submerged but do not exceed 1m in depth while some are still visible above the water level.
It was reported to be completely above sea level and pliable up to the 15th century until storm deepened the route in 1480s.

There are lots of views and controversies on how the bridges were formed; either man-made or natural. Here are some of the views:

  • Hindu mythology has it in its records that the bridge was built by Lord Rama Setu and his Vanaras (well-built monkeys) in order to reach Sri Lanka and rescue his wife, Sita who was kidnapped by Ravana.

Some scientists believed it occurred naturally through,

  • accumulation and sedimentation of sand particles along the course of the sea leading to the rising of land.
  • breaking away of the two islands to from the bridge.


Putting these histories and discussions aside and now, focusing on the main reason of this article. The stones or rather, rocks found in this area have a peculiar and astonishing characteristic; they float on water!
The mystery is, why do they? Yet, all we have as proofs are myths and assumptions.

  • Again, members of its locality believed that the stones float because Rama was inscribed on them. tho, it was recorded, we are yet to see any that does.
    In another version, the stones were able to float because they were touched by Nala and Neel who were the architects of the bridge and also an acquaintance of Rama.

  • Scientifically, some stones are known to float in water such as the pumice stone (Remember my post on cracked heels).

Pumice stones are hardened foam of lava. When lava comes out of a volcano, they are under high pressure and a very high temperature of about 1600°C. The surrounding temperature of air (or water) is around 25°C, this large difference in temperature gives the lava a 'cold shock' and hardens it almost immediately and traps the bubbles inside. The bubbles can account for about 90% of the stone's volume. Pumice stones are thus, able to float on water.

  • The stones were also suggested to be corals.

These two scientific explanations are invalid as:

  1. These stones do not have the physical properties of a coral and corals are usually made up of calcium carbonate which does not float on water.
  2. There is no volcano around the area to aid the formation of pumice stones.
  3. They are heavier than pumice stones and they possess the physical and chemical properties of any normal stone.


Now, back to the mystery, why are the floating stones of Rama Setu floating?
Should we believe in the mythology or continue researches on them.
What your opinion?


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