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RE: SteemStays: An Accommodations Marketplace on the Blockchain

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Yeah we have an option for housing on Peerhub, but having a housing focused website and having different platforms to choose from is great... Will you have it in time for SteemFest? A lot of travelling going on then and I'm sure extra rooms are available... Good luck!


Thanks @steemrollin. We are trying our best here to have it working before SteemFest, but we can't promise anything. We know that's a great opportunity to promote SteemStays.

How will you form this project? subchain? sidechain? and post says "we hold escrow" it means steemstay is not decentralized?

There is an escrow smart contact on the Steem Blockchain. Hopefully they are using that.

Yes it's what we plan to use.

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