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RE: SteemStats 0.2.2 - Posts you've voted on and posts created by accounts you follow

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HI @jesta - on the homepage, there is a link in the upper right that has "v0.2.2", and just to the right of that it says "Announcement Post". Currently they link to different posts. Can you please explain what the difference between the two links/posts is?

Also, as a feature request - could you have it so you can turn on/off different notifications for different users that you are following? For example, there are some users that I only care about their new posts. There are others that I want to see posts, comments, etc. Then for myself, I want to see everything.


Oh, well that's a little confusing isn't it. They really should be linking to the first one, which is the most recent update. I'll be updating it soon since I'll be rolling out 0.3.0 in the next day or two.

Both posts were updates that happened in pretty rapid succession, I believe a day apart.

For your feature request - I've got it copied down, I think it's a good idea. Currently the "recent activity" section only shows posts by the people you're following and posts that you've voted on. But it would be nice to also be able to see their comments and maybe even votes of the people you're following as well. I'll give this some thought and see if I can't add some filters to help you accomplish this.

Awesome, thanks!

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