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RE: SteemStats 0.2.2 - Posts you've voted on and posts created by accounts you follow

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I think that it would be cool to have the activity screen broken down by user and separately by those upvoted. It also would not hurt under activity to stream the new / trending or categories/tags that you watch. I use steemstats a ton now and you have done a great job. Thanks


I was thinking about adding tabs for each user right next to "Currently Following" (as seen below). Would that suffice for the break down per user?


I think so. Considering the volume that a person can be sifting through it is hard to miss the people that you follow specifically in the stream of those you have upvoted.

Ohhh you're talking about each individual followed account, not each individual account you've added to steemstats. We were talking on two different planes :)

Yeah that's a great idea too. It would make sense to add even more filtering options (all optional) to this screen that would let you limit the feed down to specific people or whether or not you've voted.

Well, actually I meant a little of both. But your optional filters I think might over that.

I've logged all the ideas in my todo list, I'll see what I can whip up for the next version!

Did I ask you about tools for vote analysis? It would be nice to help build vote strategy. I am still a bit fuzzy on that part of things.

Maybe a filter / checkbox for followed / upvoted and an additional dropdown list for followed?

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