Rockets vs Warriors LIVE Steem Sports Cast

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The Western Conference Playoffs are about to tip and we are back with another LIVE Steem Sports Cast! Join @steemsports General Manager @scottybuckets and national radio host @sportsfanjlogli every day as they cover the hottest topics in the sports world. Don’t ever miss a show and let the guys know what you think about their banter.
Can the Rockets pull off the unthinkable and knockout the Warriors?
Just click the play button to listen to the show. Thank you for following @steemsports and you can catch the guys @scottybuckets and @sportsfanjlogli Cheers!


Ill be watching. Listening. I hope its a good game. Whoever wins this I want them to crush the Cleveland Cavaliers because I'm a Celtics fan and I'm salty


Rockets vs Warriors LIVE Steem Sports Cast bro tnx

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