Tuesday LIVE Steem Sports Cast

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It is Tuesday morning in our Chicago Studio and we are back with another LIVE Steem Sports Cast! Join @steemsports General Manager @scottybuckets and national radio host @sportsfanjlogli everyday as they cover the hottest topics in the sports world. Don’t ever miss a show and let the guys know what you think about their banter.
It is time to take a look at the Big Picture in the NBA as the trade deadline deals are coming to an end. Who has benefited the most and who lost out?
Just click the play button to listen to the show. Thank you for following @steemsports and you can catch the guys @scottybuckets and @sportsfanjlogli Cheers!

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I guess you can't respect me I'm from LA. Our current high is 56 degrees which we consider cold.
I am interested to see if the NBA finals is a repeat. Do you believe Lebron will leave Cleveland after this season?
Do you think Doc Rivers time is up as the Clippers head coach?
Love your Steem cast keep up the great work.