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The Challenger to McGregor's Throne Has Made His Intent Clear...
Ferguson vs. Lee:
The main event matchup of last night's Interim Lightweight Title affair had fans reeling across the world. It was a sensational finish to a tension filled build up. Both men threw hard shots out the gate, there was no feeling out process and no warm up. Kevin Lee won the first round by a large margin, multiple take-downs into a large barrage of punches on the ground secured points for the MoTown Phenom. The first 5 minutes were drastically different from the second and third rounds as Kevin began to eat heavy jabs, and keep his hands much farther down. Lee's muscular build caused his gas tank to cease quickly, and in the 7th and 8th minute his movement was heavily stifled.

The combination of Lee's slow down and Ferguson's unorthodox game created very tight tug of war grappling exchanges on the ground. Lee would always initiate the take-down, and in fact secured multiple over the course of the second and third rounds. Lee arguably won the first 10 minutes, but none of that matters against Cucuy, whom can last 25 minutes at full pace like the nightmare of a fighter he truly is! Lee landed a take-down nearly three minutes into the third round of their fight, and he was able to hang out in top position while trying to unload punches on Tony. The craftiness of Tony's guard and attack with elbows off his back were really seeming to hurt Kevin, and when Ferguson locked his calf to thigh around Lee's neck, the triangle choke only need a good 20 seconds of pull to receive the submission by tapout.

Ferguson now claims the Interim Lightweight belt, and to become the undisputed champ he must dethrone the legendary left hand of McGregor. Both men have x-factors, believe me when I tell you: Notorious vs. El Cucuy will be fight and finish of the year when it happens! This is an incredible fight, and the lead up will be absolutely extraordinary! The fight between Eddie Alvarez and Justin Gaethje will provide another incredible firefight, and another plausible contender within the 155 pound weight class. The division is on fire again, we have new blood...but one man still awaits!

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i wish Vitor Belfor is 19 years old today. He would have spectacular fights


Yes, he was absolute beast. But question is if he can be so good even without PEDs.


Vitor is a god of war! One of my absolute favorites, legend!


His skill is unquestioned.

Aww, I can't wait!

Great update as always, thanks!

Well, it kinda went the way everyone expected huh! Shame as I really wanted Kevin to come away with the W. He put in a good performance though, great transmission out of the arm bar but hell of a submission to take it by Tony...I'm not so sure how he's gonna stand up to McGregor though, will be an interesting fight!


I also wanna add that Demetrious Johnson is an absolute beast. That is all.


Same here my friend, well said!


Also. Not trying to take any wind out of your sails as you're the sports guys but...

GSP vs Bisping UFC 217 - Bisping to win it, he's such a dick haha!


Boom baby! Looking forward to seeing your write up on this @steemsports

The Notorious vs. El Cucuy will be very interesting and entertaining fight. Can't wait to see it. If Tony expose his chin to Conor like he did vs. Kevin, it could be his doom. But he has the skills to compete with Conor. And Mighty Mouse, well, even if the flyweight division is not so popular, he is really a superior fighter.