Sabathia vs. Scherzer Showdown in Washington

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Following their half-played suspended game due to the rain delay which halted the game while the teams were tied at 3, the Yankees and Nationals will look to give it a go again tonight, as long as the weather turns out to be a bit better. They will look to finish up their first game at 5:05, and subsequently carry out their series finale as long as the weather pans out with no thunderstorms. Based on these teams last 10 games stats, nobody in the league compares. They are each 8-2, and if the Yankees come out on the bottom, and the Red Sox win, they will fall into the second place hole. Meanwhile, if the Nationals win, they will move into playoff position, specifically in the wildcard.

Old man, C.C. Sabathia, is taking the mound for the eigth time of the season, and peculiarly, he has 6 no-decisions under his belt, with just two wins and zero defeats. This may be Sabathia’s last season in the MLB, and it’s quite obvious why as he averages only pitching 5.15 innings/game. Albeit, his ERA at 2.23 is not bad by any means. And, he has only walked 5 men in his 8 game pitching span, while making 28 batters go down swinging. This is Sabathia’s first time taking on the Nationals batters since 2009, so a precise prediction is completely out of the cards.

On the other hand, Scherzer is seeking his 7th consecutive win, and 8th of the year. He currently boasts a 7-1 record, and he’s thrown over 10 K’s seven times he took the mound, accumulating 91 K’s through just under two months of action. Scherzer occupies the first place position for Wins, second in K’s trailing Cole by only 2 K’s, and third in the league in the ERA department with a 1.69 ERA. Seemingly, Vegas is giving the Nationals the upper hand in this game kudos to Scherzer’s appearance. If another National were to pitch, I’d assume the Yankees would be the distinct favorites.

Giancarlo Stanton is familiar with Scherzer, considering their previous, multiple NL performances. In 18 at-bats, Stanton has only hit the ball four times, but two of those four hits were long balls, accumulating 5 RBI’s, and 9 of those at-bats, Stanton went down on his knees. Aaron Judge and Max Scherzer will meet for the first time in their careers (aside from All-star Game), and will undoubtedly be a showdown. This game will be featured on ESPN, and it has the possibility of evoking the highest viewship rating of the regular season.

Bryce Harper has been hung up in a slump as of late, manning a sub-par batting average of .232. Albeit, this game could turn the tide for Harper, considering he’s in his prime while Sabathia is run-down. Rendon has hit three homers in his past 5, and is the Nationals hottest bat. Preceding last night’s partially played game, Trea Turner was riding a 4 game hit streak, cracking two homers in between that streak. A numerous amount of Washington’s players have been hit-or-miss, but I believe tonight they will put up a myriad of runs.
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Sabathia still getting it done. Yankee's are looking strong this year.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Seemingly, Vegas is giving the Nationals the upper hand in this game kudos to Scherzer’s appearence.
It should be appearance instead of appearence.