Mother Nature Wreaking Havoc on MLB Schedule Today

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Sunday’s from April threw September are normally filled with 32 teams finishing off their weekend series in Major League Baseball. Every single team is in action. But not today. There are a record 5 games that are postponed due to weather. Mother Nature is wreaking havoc on the young MLB season so far.

It is not only freezing in Cleveland, Detroit, Minnesota, and Chicago, but there is snow on the ground in multiple stadiums. Baseball is meant to be played in warm weather. The players are named “The Boys of Summer” for a reason. So why must the league try and cram in all of these early spring games when the weather is so frequently cold? It certainly isn’t a high quality of baseball for the players and the managers. And as far as being a fan or a spectator, it is MISERABLE to sit threw these games in person.

Currently, and it seems like forever, teams play 162 games in the regular season. In fact, it has been since 1961 that they have played so many games. The playoffs and World Series are often played in very cold weather. There hast to be a better way. Shrink the season by 20 games? Actually schedule double headers once a week? Baseball just isn’t fun to play or watch when it is 30 degrees outside. That should be saved for football.
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