Lebron James Loses LIVE Steem Sports Cast

in steemsports •  6 months ago

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Whoa Nelly! The Cleveland Cavs got BLOWN OUT at home and we are back with another LIVE Steem Sports Cast! Join @steemsports General Manager @scottybuckets and national radio host @sportsfanjlogli every day as they cover the hottest topics in the sports world. Don’t ever miss a show and let the guys know what you think about their banter.
It was quite an incredible afternoon for the Indiana Pacers and Victor Oladipo as they put a beat down on King James and the Cavs. Is Cleveland in serious trouble?
Just click the play button to listen to the show. Thank you for following @steemsports and you can catch the guys @scottybuckets and @sportsfanjlogli Cheers!

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