Just How Good Was Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

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The 50-0 champion never really gets the recognition he deserves due to the attitude of the welterweight legend. Floyd has always cared about his perfect record and money more than the fans, and for that, he is one of the most polarizing sports figures of all time...

...It's always so interesting to see others admonish the brilliant work of Floyd Mayweather, because although I have hated his attitude and fight style in the past, I learned to respect and love his skill. Counter punching excellence with an emphasis on the right hand, he was amazing.

The fights against Juan Manuel Marquez are a testament to the level of skill Floyd possessed. Two counter punchers in the ring, and yet Floyd controlled the action and pushed a very patient and intelligent fighter to the edge every time. That was a clinic of right hand counters and taunts.
I personally love Floyd's early career as a 140 pounder, maybe the best 140 pounder of all time. It really is subjective based on the style one loves; Pacquiao was always a whirlwind of speed and attrition whereas Floyd was a calculated counter striker who plotted on each shot he threw.

Young FMJ was deceptively powerful. His right hand shook the best of his division, and he gave new blood and the old guard problems alike. From Emanuel Augustus to Diego Corrales, Floyd figured out ever single man put in front of him, and he dominated them.
I think Floyd deserves a better legacy than he may receive. The 50-0 he earned was not against tomato cans, Floyd just made them look that way in most instances. Even Pacquiao in his prime would've most likely ran into right hands all night, FMJ was absolutely stellar!

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Great 👌👏👏

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Not a fan f boxing I barely watch the game ..but am a big fan of Mayweather aside the the Klitschko brothers , Mayweather made me know more about the game . His reputation for beating the best is just amazing and watching him fight with such skills is just too fascinating . I also like is luxurious lifestyle he sure knows how to spend his money .
Awesome post. .



Dude I went for many years in the past of not being a huge fan of Floyd jr, and trying to basically pick out weaknesses and highlight them to my friends, and was a hater to be honest!

But, I realised I was just jealous, I was jealous and perplexed but just how amazing he is and wanted to find holes in what I think is a perfect boxer. He is absolutely incredible at what he does. His defensive game, offensive game, movement, boxing IQ, and pretty much everything about him was near perfect. I mean, who else doesn’t get hit? What other boxer has had 50 fights and you can count on 1 hand the times he’s been ‘rocked’?

Sure, he didn’t knock out 50 guys, but he beat them all, few very close wins, but still wins. He was the best! TBE!

I personally now think that lomachenko is the only boxer bringing something new to the table, his movement has never been seen before, I can’t see him loosing. Watching MVP fight 2 pro fights looks promising, but when he fights a good boxer we will see how he really does with bringing a new style to boxing.


Great comment man, he really is amazing.

..and MVP really does need a step up in mma and boxing.


Thanks man, yep he really is.

MVP really needs a step up! He’s looked so impressive but, he’s not really had ‘amazing’ opponents yet (no disrespect). There is the WW championship going on soon in belltor that will show if he’s the best! I’m surprised ufc hasn’t tried to snap up MVP as he’s been so impressive and has charisma. I think they’ve made him offers but bellator pay him more


To be honest I thought MVP lost to Fernando Gonzales lol

Good content

Really enjoyed the post my man. I too like many was a Floyd hater for a period of time. I def have a heightened appreciation for his skills. Without a doubt, one of the greatest, if not the greatest defensive fighter of all-time. The 50-0 record doesn't mean anything to me because the last two victories were completely shallow IMO. Beating a washed up Andre Berto, who never deserved a crack at the belt, and then beating a guy making his boxing debut doesn't really do much in terms of putting a stamp on a legacy. But take those away, and Floyd has a great resume, with sneaky power from his younger days.

The criticism about selection of opponents is real though, there were numerous times where Floyd slyly took on opponents that were well past their prime. That has more to do with the the self-proclamations of being the greatest ever. Sugar Ray Robinson took on everyone, multiple times as well. Muhammad Ali never ducked an opponent ever - and his last two fights - Larry Holmes and Trevor Berbick were obvious legitimate Heavyweight contenders, who both went on to be champions. Sugar Ray Leonard fought Duran at the height of his powers - twice and his fights with Thomas Hearns (when he was young, hungry and still unbeaten) and Marvin Hagler are still much better than anyone that Floyd took down. It's always difficult to compare fighters from different eras, so I will say for sure that Floyd was one of the best, no doubt, just maybe not THE best to ever do it. I still have plenty of love for Floyd as a fighter for sure though. Great article bro!