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The 1995 Rugby World Cup Final between South Africa and New Zealand was a celebration of the lifting of apartheid. It signaled the emergence of a re-united nation. The massive media attention given to the competition gave South Africa the unique opportunity to show the world that for the duration of the game the nation was united.

-- Robert Chappell - Race, Gender and Sport in Post-Apartheid South Africa

The year 2017 “kicks-off” an equally exciting turning point for the Steem community. Being largely underestimated, the Steem blockchain, boasting the fastest transaction times in its class; coupled with zero transfer fees, is in itself a winning combination by design, and a true technical marvel “under the hood” and on the surface is an equally amazing and supportive community.

The SteemSports team is a microcosm of the Steem community; encompassing talented writers, leaders, community managers, advisors, organisers, designers and developers. More than 20 strong in association; we stand proud and salute the community that has made it possible to arrive at this milestone where we are ready to unveil our beta test web-app as a testament to an alternate use-case for the Steem blockchain and the community that has supported us thus far.

We proudly invite the community to join our beta and help us battle-test our web-app for Steem based prediction market gaming.

Our main value proposition for the Steem community is that we are one of the first apps to create direct demand for Steem and Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) through our recently developed “PAY PLAY” pool option. Our traditional “FREE PLAY” pool will remain as long as there is a demand for it and serves as a transition towards a mainly “PAY TO PLAY” prediction market web application to increase the utility of Steem.

Please join our public beta on and try out our interface, PAID GAMES will be coming later this week. Feedback would be appreciated, just leave us a message on the chat within the app.

Proudly brought to you by the @steemsports team.


I like that you are showing the payout status and links for the winners/losers for each game! Way to be transparent and build trust. Excellent job!

Provably fair gaming experiences is what we are striving for, thank you @mrosenquist!

Looks slick. I normally don't like to bet on sports, but I think small bets with steem may make the live events more exciting to watch.

Yea, same here. I never bet in "real life", but sending over a few steem to increase my engagement with the match seems like a fun thing to do.

We will join you and throw some in as well :)

Yes we are looking forward to you doing that :) keep a lookout for our PAY PLAY games.

Have you considered branching into esports? I would be interested in working with you guys with it.

Reckon esports would be a good mix with steem

Oh, e-sports would be really cool to bet on! Hope it is coming sooner rather than later ;)

Hi, you are welcome to contact @thecryptodrive on Discord or on if you are interested to write eSports games.

Messaged @thecryptodrive, also made a post about an idea for a monthly steemit esports tournament that I reckon would dovetail nicely with steemsports. heres the link

Awesome, happy to see you guys expanding!

Happy that we make you happy :)

Yeah! ^_^ You guys are cool, expanding and just doing your thing just like you promised. I remember back when you guys started, you even took a poll asking if people wanted you to be posting more each day. The majority ruled yes, so you followed through. I am impressed by your business model and wish to follow it for some of my ideas of what I want to create!

Good job on this! I've loved what I saw with the Beta :)

:) it will only get bettter.

good job can see if I won easily and payout i will be getting good shit good shit

The payouts screen is very useful to see what you have won in the past, it will show Pay Play outcomes as well when those games become live. Bookmark as follows:

That's great! Looking forward to seeing it roll out! :)

Looking forward to your continued support!

Steem on guys :-)


Good job.

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