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NBA Fantasy Monday 1/22
We are back with another edition of NBA Fantasy Tonight!
Dennis Schroder PG 8000. Schroder's price has risen lately and for good reason. He seems to be the only player taking shots on the entire Hawks roster. The Bulls killed the Hawks last game so we can safely throw that game out. Today the Hawks are somehow 2 point favorites over the Jazz. If the Hawks are going to compete in this game that means Schroder is going to take 25+ shots. He has seen games where his usage is north 40 recently. That is as high as it gets in the NBA. Play with confidence.

James Harden SG 10300. Harden just played 34 minutes against the Warriors on Saturday. I think it is safe to say that the minutes restriction has been lifted. Good news for us is the price hasn't been lifted. At full health, there is no reason Harden's price is not north of 12000. This is a one time full discount on the superstar. To boot the Heat are in the bottom 10 against the SG this year. Let's hope the ownership doesn't get out of hand tonight. Harden is a lock to be on the winning lineup this evening.
Josh Richardson SF 6300. Dragic and Johnson are out. That means Richardson is the PG and will be playing another 37 minutes again in an uptempo match up. The floor on Richardson is 35 fantasy points. At 6300 there I do not see any reason not to plug him into every lineup I fill out tonight. He can flash a usage north of 30 in spots where the other 2 PG's are sidelined. Let's hope the ownership stays below 50% given we have a 7 game slate tonight.

John Henson PF 5600. Henson gets a date with the Suns who have no front court what so ever. The Suns are currently ranked 21st against the PF this year, but that number reflects Chriss who has been sidelined. With Giannis sidelined for the Bucks and everyone overpaying for Bledsoe back in Phoenix is evening, I will go against the grain and buy into Henson's upside. Henson has no floor due to his foul prone nature. I don't see how he gets in trouble today with the likes of Bender and Johnson guarding him. I will take the upside at a 5% or lower ownership.
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