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SteemSports Editor: Shayne Shiells @cryptoiskey

November 30th 7:00 PM EST (December 1st 12:00 AM UTC)


SteemSports Presenter: Eric Trottier @heroic15397

Wednesday, November 30, the second leg of the Eastern Conference final between Toronto and Montreal will be played at BMO Field. At 7:00 pm EST, the starting whistle will be heard, and the sequel to last Tuesday’s IMFC vs. TFC showdown will dawn in front of about 30,000 fans.

Mercredi, 30 novembre, le match retour de la finale de la Conférence de l’Est entre Toronto et Montréal sera joué au BMO Field. À 19:00 HNE, le sifflet de départ sera entendu et la suite de l'affrontement IMFC vs. TFC de mardi passé poindra devant environ 30 000 fans.

First Leg Highlights – Montreal Impact [3 - 2] Toronto FC

Toronto FC


In the first leg, Toronto FC were losing an almost insurmountable 3-0 to the Montreal Impact, when suddenly passed the two-thirds of the game and in the short span of five minutes, TFC’s two American stars, namely Bradley & Altidore, took into their own hands to get their team back in the contest by scoring two rallying goals.

The equation is simple for Toronto to make it in the MLS Cup Final; all they need is to win against Montreal, and they need to do it by allowing no more than two goals by their adversaries. In the case where Montreal would score three or more goals, Toronto will need to win by a margin of at least two goals in their favor.

Dans le match aller, Toronto FC perdaient un pratiquement insurmontable 3-0 pour l’Impact de Montréal, quand soudainement passé les deux-tiers de la partie et en le bref espace de cinq minutes, les deux vedettes Américaines de TFC, nommément Bradley & Altidore, ont pris entre leurs mains de ramener leur équipe dans la compétition en marquant deux buts de ralliement.

L’équation est simple pour que Toronto soient de la Finale de la Coupe MLS; tous ce dont ils ont besoin est une victoire contre Montréal et ils ont besoin de le faire en n’allouant pas plus que deux buts à leurs adversaires. Dans le cas où Montréal marqueraient trois buts ou plus, Toronto devra gagner par une marge d’au moins deux buts en leur faveur.

Key Player:

Clint Irwin


The 6 feet, 3 inches, the goalkeeper from Charlotte, North Carolina, has been with the Toronto FC since the beginning of the 2016 season. Prior to joining TFC, he was the number one goalie with the Colorado Rapids for the past three seasons.

Last year, he was selected to be on the 2015 AT&T MLS All-Star game roster. No doubt, he will try to make amends for the weak third goal that he allowed to IMFC last Tuesday by stepping up his play in what will be the most important game so far in his young career.

Le gardien de but de 6 pieds, 3 pouces, de Charlotte, Caroline du Nord, est avec le Toronto FC depuis le début de la saison 2016. Avant de joindre TFC, il était le gardien numéro un avec les Rapids du Colorado lors des trois saisons précédentes.

L’an dernier, il a été sélectionné pour être sur l’alignement du Match des Étoiles AT&T 2015 de la MLS. Sans doute, il tentera de se faire pardonner pour le faible troisième but qu’il a accordé à IMFC mardi dernier en élevant son jeu dans ce qui sera à date la partie la plus importante de sa jeune carrière.

TFC Players – 1st Leg Stats

TFC2 stats.jpg

Stats Legend:

G: Goals ; A: Assists ; S: Shots ; SOG: Shots On Goal ; FC: Fouls Committed ; FS: Fouls Suffered ; OFF: Offside

Montreal Impact


Montreal must go in Toronto forgetting they were once up by three goals in the first leg. They are still in front of Toronto FC, and by winning or drawing at BMO Field they would be keeping the lead sending them to the MLS Cup Final. A defeat would make it tricky for them to advance as they would need a high scoring overall result by no more than a one-goal margin including at least three goals on their part.

This shootout scenario is most unlikely, because the Montreal Impact is to be expected to use the sitting back tactic that gave them their first victory in Toronto since joining MLS, a win of 0-1 which happened during the last visit IMFC paid this summer to their closest Canadian neighbors.

Montréal doivent aller à Toronto en oubliant qu’à un moment du match aller ils avaient le dessus par trois buts. Ils sont toujours en avant de Toronto FC, et en l’emportant ou en annulant au BMO Field ils conserveraient les devants qui les enverraient à la Finale de la Coupe MLS. Une défaite rendrait plus compliqué pour eux d’avancer alors qu’ils auraient besoin d’un résultat d’ensemble à haut pointage par une marge tout au plus d’un but incluant au moins trois buts de leur part.

Le scénario d’une avalanche de buts est plutôt improbable, car il est attendu que l’Impact de Montréal vont se servir de la tactique de se cantonner en défense qui leur ont apporté leur première victoire à Toronto depuis qu’ils aient joint la MLS, un gain de 0-1 qui est survenu pendant la dernière visite qu’IMFC eurent payée cette été à leur plus proche voisins Canadiens.

Key Player:

Evan Bush

Evan Bush.png

Evan Bush is a 6 foot, 1 inch, goalkeeper from Concord Township, Ohio, playing with the Montreal Impact since they entered the league in 2012. Not seeing much action during the course of the 2012 and 2013 seasons, in 2014 he was given a shot at being IMFC’s main netminder. He wouldn’t disappoint in that 2014 season during which Montreal finished at the bottom of the league’s standings.

He would go on with these same satisfying performances ever since, securing for himself in the following years this important position. The highlight of his career came during the Montreal Impact 2015 CONCACAF Champions League’s run when he was awarded the CCL Golden Glove award after his team had lost to Club America in the finals. Who knows what would have been the result of the tournament’s last game in Montreal if Evan Bush hadn’t missed it due to a yellow card accumulation suspension? N.B. : he has stop the two last penalty kicks taken against him.

Evan Bush est un gardien de but de 6 pieds, 1 pouce, de Concord Township, Ohio, jouant avec l’Impact de Montréal depuis qu’ils sont entrés dans la ligue en 2012. Ne voyant pas beaucoup d’action au cours des saisons 2012 et 2013, en 2014 il lui fut donné la chance d’être le principal cerbère d’IMFC. Il ne décevra point lors de cette saison 2014 durant laquelle Montréal finirent au bas du classement de la ligue. Il continuera avec ses mêmes performances satisfaisantes depuis, sécurisant pour lui-même dans les années suivantes ce poste important.

Le fait saillant de sa carrière est survenu pendant le parcours de la Ligue des Champions de la CONCACAF de l’Impact de Montréal en 2015 quand il fut récompensé du Gant Doré de la LCC après que son équipe ait perdu à Club America dans les finales. Qui sait quel aurait été le résultat de la dernière partie du tournoi à Montréal si Evan Bush ne l’avait pas manqué dû à une suspension pour accumulation de cartons jaunes? N.B. : il a arrêté les deux derniers tirs de pénalité pris contre lui.

IMFC Players – 1st Leg Stats

IMFC stats.jpg

Stats Legend:

G: Goals ; A: Assists ; S: Shots ; SOG: Shots On Goal ; FC: Fouls Committed ; FS: Fouls Suffered ; OFF: Offside

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How to Play

  • Vote on the main post to enter the bet (main post rewards will also be added to the Stake Pool).

  • Cast your Vote Bet on ONLY ONE outcome for which you bet on for the win (Multiple comment votes will be automatically disqualified by the script, unvote and revote counts as multiple votes and will be disqualified).

  • After 24 hours, the post and related game comments payout to the pool; remember 25% voters rewards are deducted from the total post payout value first as per Steem curation rules. Voters are rewarded in standard fashion in proportion to their Steem Power holdings.

The Stake Pool:

  • The remaining 75% of the total payout is paid out in 50% Steem Power and 50% in liquid currencies, the latter now varies in payout ratio after the new fork. To make the process less complicated, we have decided to use all paid out SBD to buy Steem in the internal market to create a grand total Steem Stake Pool.

  • 30% of the Stake Pool will be retained, of which 15% will go to the writer/sports presenter of the post, and the 15% balance towards editing, development and advertising.

  • 70% of the Stake Pool will be held until the event/game outcome is determined.

  • Once the winning outcome is determined, we will execute a proprietary developed script that will divide and pay out the Steem rewards equally, using the Power Up method, to Mass Distribute SP to all participants that voted on the main post as the entrance fee as well as voted on the correct comment representing the winning outcome.

  • Only participants with a Reputation of 35 or more will qualify to earn SP rewards, but non-qualifiers can still vote and comment in support of the redistribution initiative.

  • Entry cut-off time is the earlier of the post payout or the start of the event.

Disclaimer and Image/Source Credits:

  • Image Credits (No Order): 1 - 2

  • Images used in this post are either paid for and modified, Creative Commons (CC) or image credits supplied.

  • Note the views and predictions of the presenters are their own personal views and do not reflect the views and opinions of @steemsports. @steemsports does not offer betting advice.

  • Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE). SteemSports is currently beta, currently no liability will be assumed for errors.

  • @steemsports reserves the right to amend future payout percentages based on the operation needs of the account.

  • @steemsports is not a traditional betting platform and no fiat currency is used as rewards or in casting bets; as such does not fall under any gaming and gambling jurisdictions; but even so, users are urged to first consult with the laws and age restrictions of their countries.

  • @steemsports in the unlikely event that when the Stake Pool is divided up between the winners and the nomenclature resolution goes below the third decimal place (example: 0.0001), then Steem decimal restrictions won’t allow a payout and the pool will carry over to the next game.

  • Please vote responsibly :).

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