SteemSports: Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid - Mass SP Distribution Game! [English/Spanish]

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Join us for another SteemSports community sports initiative, cast your votes, help distribute SP and make a difference!

SteemSports iniciativa deportiva para la comunidad Steem, emite tu voto, ayuda a distribuir SP y haz la diferencia!

SteemSports Editor: @theprophet0. [Witness]

SteemSports Presenter: Roberto Constenla - @metalcrypto86.

Time and Date

This game will be played on Saturday, November 19th at 7:45 PM UTC.

El Juego será transmitido el Sabado 19 de Noviembre a las 7:45 PM UTC.

Match Preview

This week, in the 12th matchday of La Liga, we have the Madrid Derby between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. Atletico has become one of the strongest teams in the world these past three seasons, but, Real Madrid will try to get a victory in Atletico's stadium, “Vicente Calderon” in order to keep the first position in their table.

Previa Del Partido

En la fecha 12 de la liga tenemos el derbi de Madrid, Atlético Madrid vs Real Madrid. El Atletico se ha convertido en uno de los equipos más fuertes del futbol mundial en las últimos 3 temporadas y el Real Madrid buscara imponerse al visitarlos en su estadio “Vicente Calderón” para reafirmarse en los primeros puestos de la tabla.

Atlético Madrid

Atletico Madrid comes into this match in the fourth position of their table, the team is led by Simeone who has had a great season thus far, but Atletico needs to climb to at least the third position in their table in order to keep their dream of winning the Spanish League... They must win this game at all costs!

Atletico Madrid llega a este partido en la cuarta posición de la tabla, el equipo liderado por el técnico Simeone ha tenido una buena temporada hasta ahora pero necesita ganar este partido para llegar al top 3 de la tabla para mantener el sueño de ganar la liga nuevamente por encima de los dos equipos más grandes: Real Madrid y Barcelona. Deben de ganar este partido a toda costa.

Atletico's DT, Simeone will have very minimal injuries, the only key player injured is Antoine Griezman, but as everyone knows, Simeone is a great strategist and will find a way to substitute him on the pitch without harming his team performance...

En cuanto a las lesiones y bajas para este importante partido para el Atlético Madrid, Simeone tendrá a su disposición la mayoría de los jugadores del equipo, exceptuando Antoine Griezman, uno de los jugadores claves del equipo, pero como todos sabemos el es un gran estratega y podrá conseguir una forma de substituirlo en el campo sin bajar el desempeño del equipo.

Possible Line Up / Alineación Posible

4-4-2 Formation As Followed

4-4-2 De La Siguiente Forma

Goalkeeper/Portero: Oblak

Defense/Defensa: Filipe Luis-Godin-Savic-Juanfran

Mids/Medios: Carrasco-Gabi-Koke-Correa

Forward/Delanteros: Torres-Gameiro

Real Madrid

Real Madrid comes into this game as the favorite to win, because, all across the field, they have talented players... Also, Real Madrid has been having a great performance in La Liga capturing four victories and a draw in their last five games... Nevertheless, this game is lying in the manager's hands, and the manager knows how hard it can be to play as the visitor side in the Vicente Calderon stadium, so he is not taking this win for granted...

Real Madrid llega a este partido como el gran favorito debido a la gran calidad de sus jugadores en todas las posiciones del campo, así como también por el gran desempeño que tienen últimamente en la liga con 4 victorias y un empate en las ultimas 5 jornadas. Sin embargo su técnico Zidane, sabe lo difícil que será jugar como equipo visitante en el Vicente Calderón debido a que el Vicente Calderón por lo cual no toma esta victoria por sentada.

Real Madrid has quite a few injuries for this match that include the following key players, Morata, Benzema, Ramos, and Carvajal... Therefore, their manager, Zidane will have to come up with a new lineup using his substitutes in order to have a competitive squad to play against Atletico Madrid...

Real Madrid tendrá problemas en este partido ya que posee muchos jugadores importantes lesionados como Morata, Benzema, Ramos y Carvajal, por lo que Zidane tendrá que echar mano de los jugadores de la banca para alinear un equipo competitivo en contra del Atlético de Madrid.

Possible Line Up / Alineación Posible

4-3-3 Formation As Followed

4-3-3 De La Siguiente Forma

Goalkeeper/Portero: Navas

Defense/Defensa: Marcelo-Fernandez-Varane-Carvajal

Mids/Medios: Isco-Kroos-Kovacic

Forward/Delanteros: Cristiano-Morata-Bale

Last 11 Matches / Últimos 11 Partidos

H2H / Cabeza a Cabeza

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How to Play

  • Vote on the main post to enter the bet (main post rewards will also be added to the Stake Pool).

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  • After 24 hours, the post and related game comments payout to the pool; remember 25% voters rewards are deducted from the total post payout value first as per Steem curation rules. Voters are rewarded in standard fashion in proportion to their Steem Power holdings.

The Stake Pool:

  • The remaining 75% of the total payout is paid out in 50% Steem Power and 50% in liquid currencies, the latter now varies in payout ratio after the new fork. To make the process less complicated, we have decided to use all paid out SBD to buy Steem in the internal market to create a grand total Steem Stake Pool.

  • 30% of the Stake Pool will be retained, of which 15% will go to the writer/sports presenter of the post, and the 15% balance towards editing, development and advertising.

  • 70% of the Stake Pool will be held until the event/game outcome is determined.

  • Once the winning outcome is determined, we will execute a proprietary developed script that will divide and pay out the Steem rewards equally, using the Power Up method, to Mass Distribute SP to all participants that voted on the main post as the entrance fee as well as voted on the correct comment representing the winning outcome.

  • Only participants with a Reputation of 35 or more will qualify to earn SP rewards, but non-qualifiers can still vote and comment in support of the redistribution initiative.

  • Entry cut-off time is the earlier of the post payout or the start of the event.

Disclaimer and Image/Source Credits:

  • Image Credits: Team Logos come from Wikipedia - 1 - 2

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  • Please vote responsibly :).

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Real Madrid


I vote Real Madrid!

I can't tell which comment is for which team.

So i'm going with this one.


Win !





Real Madrid

Madrid baby!

Real Madrid...creo o tal vez no.

Real Madrid

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Ya podrían haber puesto también a mi Málaga! <3
Hoy jugamos con el Barcelona :)


Real Madrid


Real Madrid

Real Madrid

Real Madrid!

definitely Real!!!!!!

Real Madrid


Real Madrid



Trying to hit a home run here, draw.



Real Madrid comes into this game as the favorite to win!

Atlético a ganar!!


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Real Madrid




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@steemsports Very good post! Voted and following.. Usted me sigue @Sandra16 Regards!