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RE: SteemSports: - 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - France vs Netherlands - Mass SP Distribution Game!


It seems I didn't get paid for my bet, I'm pretty sure it was before the start of the game?

Hi, you missed the cutoff unfortunately, the below shows you voted 22:23 UTC on main post and comment but the game started 18:45 UTC which is where the script cuts off entries:
driv3n 470,476 B 103,942,928,219 100% 2016-10-10T22:23:00
driv3n 27,149,185 B 101,821,643,970 100% 2016-10-10T22:23:21

Will check up and let you know.


france win !!!

france win

It seems this time the script forgot to pay my bet?



It's paid now, the script stopped communicating with halfway through so had to do the rest by hand, took a bit long. The payout results are now posted above, your name is there.

Thanks! I suspected something with the script had happened, because I saw some of the winning bets were paid, that's why I asked.

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