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RE: SteemSports Live Bet: (Thanksgiving Charity Football Event) LSU Tigers v Texas A&M

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Use LIVE BET MEMO: 20161124t035042136z



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Thank you to our team for putting this together, great job!

I see the bet is pretty one-sided as per current bets below, I decided to help make the book and bet the opposite to everyone else with 80 SBD. If I do happen to win, I will donate all my winnings back to the #givingtuesday charity!

@beanz 10 SBD givingtuesday direct donation

Current Live Bet Stake Pool

@thecryptodrive 80 SBD 20161124t035042136z
@spizor 0.002 Steem 20161124t035042136z
@complexring 3.678 SBD 20161124t035042136z

@furion 5 SBD 20161124t035152776z
@applecrisp 5 SBD 20161124t035152776z
@tuck-fheman 5 SBD 20161124t035152776z
@rxhector 5 Steem 20161124t035152776z
@cryptoiskey 5 SBD 20161124t035152776z
@freebornangel 0.103 Steem 20161124t035152776z
@theprophet 0.361 Steem 20161124t035152776z
@theprophet 4.318 SBD 20161124t035152776z


thecryptodrive124.16SBDWinning: 20161124t035042136z
complexring5.708SBDWinning: 20161124t035042136z
spiz0r5.804STEEMWinning: 20161124t035042136z

@thecryptodrive will be sending his winnings back for charity.

Muy lindo a mi me gustaría uno para poner en mi post pero no sé com es..Saludos!

LSU Tigers

Well put together!