Should I Risk It All? The Road Not Taken..

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I'm tired of living a template life.

Go to school, get a job, pay your taxes, buy a car, get a mortgage, pay your taxes.

Fuck that.


Is that any way to really live?

How much debt must I accrue until I start realizing I have no real world skills.
How long until I start regretting not taking risks and wondering what life could have been.
When I'm old and feeble, will I have any interesting stories to tell people?

Not with this lifestyle, I won't.

I wanna see the world through MY OWN EYES, not from the perspective shown in the media.
I want to see the struggles of the real world, and discover what I can do to make a positive impact.

I'm not sick of the way I live or hate it in any way, but I want to see what's really out there.

I wan't to make a difference, find some meaning in life; but I fear that I never will if I stay on the same path I've been on.
After just one year of college, I can already tell it's not for me. I don't think an additional 3 years will make any difference.

A change has to be made

But I've been lacking the courage to take the necessary steps.

So, after speaking with some great people on STEEMSPEAK I've gotten some interesting advice.

The conversation started between @fyrstikken and I.
Basically, he started off about how people are afraid to stand up and do good, and how people are indoctrinated and happy with being tax cows to the system.

I posed the question, How can people stand up against the system and take that first step towards freedom?

The resulting conversation followed.
Participants in order of appearance:


(I'm aware I say "Fuck" alot. Bad habbit).

There were also some motivating comments in the STEEMSPEAK chat:

Thank you: @jtstreetman , @inertia, (don't know what wingz steemit handle is, sorry wingz)

So what's the point of this all?

Well, for one,

It's just a little more information for you guys to know where I'm at in life.
I've found connecting with others in an honest way, is the best way.


I hope to show people what kind of real shit we talk about in Steamspeak. There's tons of interesting conversations that go on there all the time. Seriously, you are missing out if you aren't on Steemspeak.


If anyone else has the same feeling as me; the desire for something more out of life than just to be raised as a source of collectable tax for the government, then know that you aren't alone.

I plan on taking the necessary steps soon, and I will make sure to keep everyone posted every step of the way.

Stay Awesome

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What you describe here is the government's programme. We are all working for the bankers, even (and especially) the politicians who determine the school curricula, which is set up to programme us to think inside their box: go to school from 5 to 18, then study, get a study debt, get a mortgage, get a house, be dependent on your study to pay back debt the next 15 years, and before you know there is no spark of life anymore due to being forced to work off the debt and thereby not follow your heart. I knew about this some 4 years ago, so since then I've taken much more freedom and I'm still taking the necessary steps to get out of the programme. With crypto, it is all possible. Pay off all debt and start or continue chasing dreams, catch them, and hold them with a vise-like grip.


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Tagged for reading later when I'm not occupied! I know exactly what you mean just by reading the American Dream quote!


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You get my last vote of the day goat.
Goodnight steemit


Thanks brotha!

Good luck in finding happiness and meaning in YOUR life - don't be afraid to do what you wan't, and go on an adventure!

I have never heard people complain on their deathbed about their travels and adventures...


Thank you for the inspiring words!
I think it will be worth it in the end.

Got some of the best debates on - Keep the ten commandments and do to others what you want others to do to you, cannot be so hard.


I cannot agree with you more brother :)


I agree...


@fyrstikken always following your advice ☺️

That was a great conversation! Go big or go home! glad to see this on here


Hell yeah man, that one hit home.

Absolutely brilliant post. I commend you Sir ! Upvoted!


Thank you man, appreciate the support friend :)

Everyone is unique and perfect in hisbown uniqueness.. You need consistency and motivation to achieve whatever you want.. Once you say it might not work there is a chance it won't.. The only thing yoy need to know ia that everything works and will as long as you are ready to take the hardships.

Everyone has to find happiness someway!

I hope youre able to find yours


Thank you!

Hi @illestbambi ! Glad you made up your mind. That is the first big step ), can't underestimate how important that is. It is like magic, all of a sudden you'll start to see possibilities.
You are on the right path. Unless you have a very good reason to be in college with a clear purpose you should probably not be there (yet). If you find that reason you can always go back. Here are some posts that might be interesting to you
About how the 4HWW is misunderstood
How and why you should find leverage in life

In those you will find other links to posts about this subject.
The question is not "Should I risk going away from the template life?" The question is increasingly: "Can I still risk following outdated formulas which stopped working and bet my whole future on getting a piece of paper for tens of thousands of dollars without a decent chance I will get any return on investment?" (studentloans which you can never get rid of)
Although it might not seem so to you at the moment you are seriously reducing financial risk in your life. Check out also James Altucher:


I really appreciate the support and the articles you posted.
They seem interesting, I'll be sure to check them out in the morning.
Hopefully, I will find some valuable information in them!

Hi @illestbambi ! Hope you are taking action! You might be glad to know I included your post in my curated library post.
This post might be helpful to you to find resources on your quest to leave the template life behind!
It is my attempt to keep older content relevant!

If you have suggestions for other posts of yourself or others that are related to the concepts in this post I'd love to include them in my weekly curated post. I explain here why I make this curated library post.

The conversation certainly resonates with me - even if I may be on a different path.

It takes a little experience to realize, of the bars that stand in your way, which are solid and immovable, and which are pliable or brittle beneath scrutiny.

I wish you luck upon your path. May you bring about that positive change that you seek - and may you find freedom and happiness in doing so.


Wow, thank you so much for the kind, and genuine comment.
I really appreciate it!
I wish the same to you :)

I feel like as time is going by decade after decade, more people are coming out of their shells and you're on the ball my friend. Don't hold back, do it all but most importantly do what you got to do. This is not the way of life. I share the same feelings about the system. Now with all these new ways of investments emerging, we all can have a piece of the pie. GRAB IT! Everyone has a chance to invest in their lives now, not just the high rollers but EVERYONE. Even the term, " you need money to make money" well that's going in the dumpster after steemit came online. You just need a perception of something that people share and can relate to and you've earned your chair at the table. All steem ahead Cheers!


I'm trying my hardest not to go back to my job as an accountant. That job is life-sucking and it takes away all value I have for life. If it comes down to me living in an RV or my vehicle, I think I rather do that than be an accountant. There's just way too much in life to do, to be stuck in a job like that. If you're willing to have a lesser quality of life freedom is just around the corner

Yes great post, the best way is to drop out of the traditional system as much as possible. Do what you want to do and are curious and passionate about and the money will follow. Most people never even use there degree and owe thousands for it, buy a house and spend all there time paying for it and maintaining it.... Your awakening is a great start, don't hesitate, I wish you luck.

Really nice, I wish you good luck in life.


Thank you, I appreciate the kindness :)

Great stuff, subbed! I gave up my job 10 years ago to pursue my own life and it's been the best decision i've ever made. Slavery really isn't for me, which is why instead of earning money and paying taxes, i actively fight for a destruction of government. I make lots of videos deconstructing the mainstream media lies here if you want to check it out. Peace and freedom friend.

Sometimes the very things we are looking for in life is on the other side called "fear of the unknown." You might want get over there before it's too late.

Please message me. I am new to this and not sure how to message on here. Other wise you can add me on another messenger app. I need to talk to you. What you posted is me right now


Join the SteemSpeak discord!
If you don't have discord, it's free to install.
Then just click on the blue text in the post to join the steemspeak group.
You can message me there :)



Have you considered picking up a copy of THE FOUR HOUR WORK WEEK by TIM FERRISS?


I have not, but I will be sure to check it out now!
Thank you for the recommendation, maybe I'll make a review once I get my hands on it :)


I have a feeling you will be able to relate to the author and that you will be able to break the shackles of conventional living and live the extraordinary life you are wanting to do. Just don't let people rent free space in your head.