Steemsongs - a next step growth of our steemit community

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My dear fellow steemian if you are interested in music like composing or learning to the fresh track here you can joint the community of steemsongs.

Nowadays the music platform is increased even it's growing more & more.
Here in steemsongs there is upload and download of songs with the Steem payment. There is lot more update coming soon.

The steemsongs is developing by @thisisbenbrick

About this topic our @ned shared in our community please check out the post of him.

Check out benbricks post regarding the steemsongs complete details.

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Jam on! 🙌🏼

Makes a lot of sense to me

awesome stuff please see my posts @rogerblu im also a singer please listen to my track in my profile description will be a link to the site.

When you say music are you talking about sounds put together to create art?


You can check thisisbenbrick profile to get more update about steemsongs. It's crazy I m waiting too