Introducing Steem Snake - Play Snake & Earn Steem

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Steem Snake

Play Snake & Earn Steem

Steem Snake


How to play?

Choose your difficulty (easy, normal, hard).
Click the black field to play.
Use arrow keys to move.
Eat as much food as possible.

When you die, you can submit your points.
Enter your username and private posting key.

Your comment will be upvoted by @steemsnake.

Reward and beneficiaries.

@steemsnake get 35%
@fbslo get 15%
Comment is upvoted at 0 minutes, so curation reward is 0%.
This 25% is added to beneficiaries.

Upvote weight is based on number of point. If you don't have enough points, @steemsnake can't upvote you comment (dust vote).

Abusers will be flagged and blacklisted.

How to support Steem Snake?

Delegate steem power to @steemsnake --> Delegate NOW
50% of earnings will be sent to delegators.

Follow the Steem Snake's curation trail on SteemAuto.

Vote @fbslo for Steem witness --- SteemConnect or

Play Snake & Earn Steem

It's not mobile friendly :(


nice game

Nice work, fun little game and like the concept of how you reward for playing it.

Although I know this a little bit of fun to help you to learn Javascript, I'll share my feedback anyway :)

  1. Why not use the keyboard to start the game rather than click, I use a laptop and use the touchpad and I can't tell you how many times I've died from clicking and not reacting fast enough. Maybe a countdown, but I assume that's more work than value.
  2. It seems that if you double-click the send post to many times it can duplicate the comment, also if you successfully submit a comment and then click it again multiple times it will show the failure alert (informing you that you've already submitted) and then the successful alert.
  3. Sometimes it will just pass over the dot when it should capture it, not repeatability to this, but just happens sometimes.
  4. A change difficulty button would be nice, but obviously, I could type that into the URL.
  5. A count of you score would also be cool, maybe play time too.
  6. On hard the score seems to be doubled from what it actually posts in the comment.

Again, I know this is a game you've just thrown together, but thought it would be useful as some of these might be additional pieces you want to add in/resolve in the future.

Keep up the good work :D

Thank you for your feedback :)

I'm already working on v2.0 that will make game better.

P.S. I fixed 6. Score in game and comment should be the same now.

Haha I just tried it, it's pretty fun. Classic snake from Nokia but on Steem blockchain.

The account needs more delegation though :)

How long did this take you to make @fbslo?

I'm still learning java script, so it took me around 12h.

Sounds impressive to me but I have no clue about these things :)

I've resteemed this for what good it will do and I'll make a post about it in the coming days.

Can you make it so that the posting password users give isn't visible?

And how many times per day can you play this?

I will update password input field soon.

You can play as many times as you want. Maybe I will change this in future to once at 10 minutes. If someone abuse steemsnake's upvotes, I can blacklist account.

This is definitely new really, I'll try this how, erhmmm how about links on exactly what to do?

Really fun! I can't believe the possibilities that some minds can see on the horizon... Also can't believe I am playing literally what I grew up with (partially, it's not Pokemon or Runescape) and I am making a profit!!! Resteemed.

Is my favret game thankyou so much

@fbslo nice and great idea, keep going learning best regard. This is a beginning. Never stop.

Will check it out right away @fbslo

Great initiative, hopefully it delivers well

Nice one. I wish it was in an app. It would be much easier to use @fbslo.

Nice game... Feels like we are in that Dos Era.... Let this be a predecessor of things that can be done in steemit platform.... Nice work @fbslo....But it seems tough even in normal mode..Its running fast. Had a habit of playing snake in mobile. Not getting control now... 5 blocks only. :P

Im going to try this out!

I'm going to try this out!

So you play snake and get steem?

Yes, you get upvotes.

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Hey! Nice idea! For all the snake lovers and steemians.
Playing already! :D

Funny game I will try.

My result is 28!
Mode: Easy

Awesome idea! Great job @fbslo! 👍

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i loved. thanks

make it mobile friendly

its very nice. thanks for your attempt. But account connection is should be by steemconnect. I think it will be more secured and dependable...

Am i eligible to play this? plz tell!

How to play! Do i hv to spend?

Just go to, choose difficulty and play. You will be asked for username and posting key. App will post comment with your account and this comment will be upvoted by @steemsnake (1000 SP).

It's 100% free (but you can vote me as witness to support this game (witness voting is also free). Type fbslo at the input field at the bottom of and click "vote".)

I played this game ! It was awesome ! Nicely Programmed !

Thanks for developing such a nice game.

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My result is 25!
Mode: Easy

Played a game and got 15.5. After dying a few times for apparently no reason I realized that upon changing direction such as going up or down, and pressing left or right (even with no body points in the way) I died before I had actually moved up. Is it intentionally detecting this collision? I noticed I couldn't go back the direction I'm going normally.

Yes, there is a bug in the game. I will try to remove ti.

that's very classic, I did 2 rounds and recap the days in Nokia. LOL
Can't imagine you took 12 hours to do

Let's try this out :-) Looks fun to get to know the Steemit industry

i try this game

its play 2 years ago

will play it on laptop later, i am on mobile now

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Unable to move it from on side to another

wow ! good job sir ! I've resteemed this because is a good idea and i beleve is going to be even great in near future ! God Bless ! keep it UP ! PEACE !

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This is great! I am just going to drop a comment here so i will remember to check it out later. 😊

I'll play later.. in my laptop cause it's not Mobile-friendly.

What I'm unclear on is where, what comment will be upvoted by Steem Snake? I just tried this and I submitted the result (it was a little result, I've never played before to test it out). It said "success!" but it didn't make a post on my timeline, or anything like that. Does it mean Steem Snake will upvote any random comment of mine somewhere?

Schöner Zeitvertreib um die lästige Wartezeit (z.b beim Arzt) zu verkürzen 😃
Erinnerung an das Lieblingsspiel von mir damals, als ich mein erstes Handy bekam, das Nokia 3210 😄

good wee game

ok so how do i get paid from this

I really like this idea. I used to play a lot this game in the phone back when i had a NOKIA. I will try the game just for fun and no need for rewards today.