"Game of Steemskate" week 6 // Pressure Flip

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Hello everyone

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"Game of Steemskate" week 5 is over so let's take a look at our current standings. Everyone who uploaded his/her entry in time will not see a letter next to his/her name. Those who missed the deadline or couldn't do the trick got a letter.

Bonus Challenge Winner

This week's bonus challenge winner is @Davixesk8. Busting a lot of stylish Fs Shove ITS and doing an awesome Fs Shove It Revert. 2 Steem was sent to you bro!

"Game of Steemskate" Week 6

This week's trick will be the Pressure Flip.
Ckeck out @stickchumpion 's video to watch the trick selection procedure.

Don't forget to visit the comment section of this post and name your trick for next week

The bonus challenge is on every week so everyone is free to try some Pressure Flips at any spot he/she wished for a chance to get some bonus Steem. But remember, you MUST do this trick on flatground even if you do it down 10 stairs. After all, it's a Game of skate, the bonus challenge is just a ... BONUS.


  • Your post's title must include "Game of Steemskate Week 6".
  • Include "gameofsteemskate" as one of your 5 tags.
  • Film yourself saying "Game of Steemskate" Week 6 in order to prove that the clip ain't old and was filmed exclusively for "Game of Steemskate".
  • Leave your entry's link at the comment section of each week's "Game of Steemskate" post.
  • Do it with passion and love.



Deadline : 7 August


The contest winner will receive 30 Steem and prizes will keep adding if anyone wants to sponsor the contest.
Both 2nd and 3rd place will recieve 10 Steem each.


If you want to support the skate scene, please consider resteeming and upvoting this post so we can spread the word about "Game of Steemskate".
You can also Delegate any desirable amount of SP with any way you want so we can Power Up and give all skaters the appropriate support.
Anyone who is intrested in sponsoring the contest can find me on Discord : Knowhow92 #4050
Have fun and #SKATEFORLIFE


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Trick Selection

Bs Heelflip

half cab flip again. haha.


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Casper flip

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Ollie late fs shove it

Varial Flip.

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