A Quick @nicolcron 3 piece at the skatepark with Rosemary and Radden - Steemskate DTube Exclusive

in steemskate •  8 months ago

Not an official steemskate clip but my friend was getting a clip of us all for his insta when I hit him up to film a little @nicolcron style intro to turn these random skateboarding clips into a little exclusive edit for DTube.

Kind of impromptu edit filmed all on an iphone, but hey, I guess it's good to get something up on the regs!

Like I say in the clip, week 9 coming soon!! =)
Stay WeiRd you lovely steemians and dtubers!

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That b/s flip was huge!

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Damn man,epic bs flip,bolts nollie bs heel and sweet wallie k-grind.
Man i would really love to use some of your music in my videos.
Awesome tracks in all your videos.


Thanks dude, yeah Harry aka Rosemary is one of the best!
Glad you like the music, I need to make a load of beats for us all to use for steemskate stuff!
I am quite busy at the moment but I will make more soon!

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