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Hello my friends.I hope you are doing fine.
Today,i proudly present you the 3rd episode of my series "Ioannina city skate spots" .
So,that's how it goes.
We met up with @illusivelf and we skated the city centre for about 3 hours.
During these 3 hours,i manages to film at 3 different spots.Unfortunatelly,i didn't have a car so we couldn't visit more places.
But i managed to film a trick which I didn't even believe i would try.That's the hype that #steemskate crew gives me.I am always trying to push my self to the limit for these dudes.
I also had a knee injury which kept me away from skating big stuff for over 3 weeks now.
Anyway i think i wrote enough.The rest you need to know are just above you.Just click the image.
Thank you for watching guys and i trully appreciate the support you give me.So much hype like any other on Steemit.
Filming :@illusivelf
Edit : @Knowhow92
Music : The Matrix Soundtrack

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i love sketes


Really Great Video, i see this video on Dtube.
Thanks for this informative video.

I really enjoyed this episode @knowhow92 :)
Let's see what will be next!!


With you as a filmed,i think we are going straight for an oscar.hahaaha
Thank you for filming me @illusivelf


Hahahahahah you think so?
Np I enjoy filming you, you know :)

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Holy shizzle dude! Skate section enders in a vlog!?!?!
Mate you are on FIRE!!!


Well that one goes straight for my video part,as some other tricks i have done for #steemskate but i was so hyped about this one that i wanted to share man.


Mate that is a great way to do things! Love it!

hella badass!!
It was awesome watching you skate!


Hey @acromott thank you for your words my friend.
It's so motivating that people who don't skate (maybe you do but i can't seem to find a post) like my video.
I also practise yoga and a little bit of acroyoga with my gf so i'll keep an eye on your updates my friend.
Much love.

Mind blown !!! that tre was amazing !!!! sore knee my ass . Will be uploading call you out theme song and new challenges for you !!!!


Yo thanks @stickchumpion .Yeah that was one of the best tre's i have ever done.
Waiting for the #callyouout challenge.
I have a lot of work to do with that varialflip 5-0.
It's giving me nightmares but i'll do it for sure.