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RE: The Steem Sister Show - Episode 13 // Summertime!

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ahhh that makes sense! If summer meant inanely hot climates... I wouldn't like it either! Part of why summer is so exciting around here is because we have cold winters.

What are some of your favorite seasonal fruit that you get in your area?

Also, thanks for your support and kind words about our show! I'm happy to hear that you jive with our mission of bringing more non-crypto content to the platform!


Yes, I am very much excited and in support of you for bringing more and diverse content on Dtube.

I just made my first vlog yesterday and plan to make regular video on Dtube. I will be showing my day to day life on Dtube.

Yeah, exactly and then after winter you get to go on beach so that makes perfect sense for you to love summer.
I don't know if you have been to south east Asia, in any case I would love to invite you in Pakistan and host you. Our fruits and vegetables have the perfect taste becuase we have four seasons, so they ripe very well. Try to look for Pakistani or Indian fruits and you would love them.
I particularly love Mangoes, watermelon,Falsa and Jamon.

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