Silver Pick Ups!

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Hey everyone, So I got some more silver coin pick ups I would like to share with you all. I got 2 2017 Niue 1 oz Silver Czech Lion coins and I thought I should get 1 more 2018 Australia 1 oz Silver Lunar Dog I really love these coins. Its always a good idea to diversify, you never know one of these coins might carry I higher premium later on



steemsilvergoldlogoyaboyjon2 resizecopy.png

Keep Stackin!

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Very nice coins and excellent photos! I like the year of the dog coins too. I need to pick up that Rwanda one.

Is the Rwanda one like a stained glass window?

Yeah that's the one.

Being the year of the dog, I am expecting to see a lot of these being shown this month but some are nicer than others and this is a beauty. Look forward to seeing more of your new coins

@yaboyjon Very nice and the Year of the Dog is what I am. So I have a special feeling towards the animal.

I am a water pig, 1983

Beautiful coins!

Very nice!!!

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