Really cool silver Christmas gift I got!

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Whats up everyone! Its been a long time since I posted and steem has risen in price quite a bit since then! Thought I would share a gift I got that I think is really cool and unique.

Its a 1993 Kookaburra 2oz Proof mintage number 24 of 5000. I think it was pretty neat because of the low number but also it is the year I was born and makes it 24 years since then.

The leather is still in pretty good condition



Hope you enjoyed my post!

I have more silver that I have purchased since ive been gone from steemit and will be posting those up so stay tuned!

steemsilvergoldlogoyaboyjon2 resizecopy.png

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Now that's a sweet Kook!



Kooks are my favorite... nice pickup

Sweet coin! I really like the leather box too. Makes it classy :)


Thanks! and the leather smell is still strong too lol

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Looks great @yaboyjon! That is a super low number for sure!


Thank you jbcoin!

Very nice coin!


Thank you!