My Steem Silver coins I never posted up!

in steemsilvergold •  last year 

Hey everyone! I noticed I never shared a post of my steem silver coins so here they are. I got one serial number under 100 since I got in on the first dibs crew. These coins are absolutely amazing. So much detail and thought put into it, these are keepers for sure!

Pictures are kind of dark because its raining outside, my inside lights are soft orange and I don't feel like editing them in photoshop but here they are




Hope you enjoyed the post
steemsilvergoldlogoyaboyjon2 resizecopy.png

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I still love seeing those bad boys!

Oh wow. That's pretty cool!

Those are so cool!

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oh yeah! These are awesome rounds, totally keepers!

Nice photos. These are some nice rounds to have.



How did you get those? Did you have them made somewhere? Silver is a good investment and I have purchased some bars. Those coins would be a great showcase item.


several months back they had a group buy and a design competition for these coins, they fetch quite the premium now, only made 1500 I think they might have another batch with a new design im not sure


OK Great. They are really cool.