Convert 1SBD in to $170 with the STEEMSILVERGOLD monster raffle

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Have you heard about the steemsilvergold #monsterraffle??

If you have, congratulations, don't forget to buy your tickets.

If NOT....... Continue reading, you may be suprised.

The #steemsilvergold community is a group of precious metals enthusiasts that come together to help share knowledge and precious metals stories.

We have our own community voting bot called @ssg-community and this account helps to support members of the community.


To help generate steempower, the steemsilvergold community hold a monster raffle. For as little as 1 SBD you can win precious metals, individually valued at $20 to $170

The full list of prizes can be seen in @senstless post:


To take part, simply send 1SBD to @monster-raffle and you're done.

You'll get added to the raffle and have a chance at winning some amazing prizes.


The raffle will take place LIVE on the steemsilvergold discord channel and hosted by @raybrockman (with help from others).

The drawing is to coincide with the @thealliance BIG BLOCK PARTY weekend over the weekend June 20th - 23rd. So it doesn't give you much time to get buying.


This will be the 4th monster raffle held by the community and we have made lots of steemians happy.

Don't miss out, get your tickets bought, sit back and let the good times roll.


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How many tickets have been sold so far?

not enough ;-)

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