LCS Jackpot. Bar #2 Silver Towne Holiday Art Bar

in steemsilvergold •  last month 

I'm not a fan of these holiday art bars, or holidays at all for that matter. But I saw this and knew @dfinney would be like. 🤤🤤🤤. In fact I grabbed a few she might like. Ok, onto the bar.

Here is the info I've found on this bar so far.

  • Year- 1987
  • Mint - Silver Towne
  • Weight - One troy ounce .999 fine silver
  • Number - ST-18V2


And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...


There he is. Pagan Claus looking just as happy as ever. I suppose I'd be happy if I was on a 1oz Silver bar too! It's got some nice toning starting and is a decent looking piece.

I've got plenty more random bars and a few rounds coming up. Keep an eye out for some wonderful silver porn!

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Very nice vintage bar. I always like the Christmas Motif!

Woooo hooo! 🎅🏻
You sure that isn’t already you on the bar?


That is 100%. Can't wait for VG this Christmas! Last year he got stuck in the chimney and I had to get a broom... He's still welcome though, but he ate all my cookies and drank all my milk... I mean come on... That's weird.

It is uncanny @dfinney!

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Gorgeous bar and 1oz is 1oz! Thanks for sharing!!

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