Y’Arrr Maties, ol’ Silverbeard is back from a Plundering!!!

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T’was a fine round of hi-jinx on the high seas last eve, and many a booming canon shot be heard! 36 rounds of hellfire and carnage did occur — where some small-craft made off handsomely, while some larger vessels were blown clean out of the melee!


The Ingot was running swift and my canon was firing hot, and down to Davey Jones’ locker did accompany many ships with my smoking balls!!!


Back on dry land, with fuses still burning in me dreadlocks, i surveyed my purloined booty!


Avast! Gold from @willsparks88


And a pair of silver Wedgetail Eagles from @goldrooster


And blast my barnicles! El Grandé boobsalicious from the fierce demon @silver-hammer


And Zounds! A “piece of seven” from the Queen of the silver seas @silversaver888


Blimey!!! Thar be an ‘82 Prospector from @armshippie in this shiny pile too!


And Lo and behold, a saucy lil’ Engelhard from @goldkey


And t’wat!!!? A graded Goat from the G.O.A.T.


Holy Hannah! I snagged me some fishies from @fishyculture !!!


And looky-hooky-loo... a stunning ASE from a stunning ACE @matthewwarn


ba-BOOM-shocka-locka! I bagged me a buffalo from @senstless too!!!


THANK YOU ALL!!! Very much indeed!

A very fine day for this sly old salty dog! Thank you to everyone involved for being awesome — and for all the hilarity throughout the event.

Cheers! from @thedamus



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Truer words were never spoken ‘round here!

Thanks for all you do big Dawg!

Happy to contribute to yer' plundering...holy hell what a haul!


Yep! 😁😁😁 blew that mofo right outta’ the water!

That’s one heck of a pirate’s haul!

Thanks for you I am new join


Welcome aboard!!!

EPIC, EPIC win from a truly monstrous raffle!!! Yup... the more tickes yu have the greater the odds of winning!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Great additions to your booty bx, @thedamus!!! Well done! Take care and have a great week, my friend! Cheers


It’s only getting better from here 🤩🤩🤩
Thanks for an awesome prize saver, and prized it shall be!

My friend, you are the TOP!


Every dog has his day Rono!

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Sure did buddy! lady fortuna was smiling down upon me ⚡️🤘🤩⚡️

Well, shiver me timbers, glad to donate to such a worthy pirate's booty! Discord me your address and I will get it shipped ASAP!


Thanks fishy! 🤩👍👍

Mighty fine plundering. You scored some fantastic booty.


Sure did buddy! lady fortuna was smiling down upon me ⚡️🤘🤩⚡️

Now that be a #PirateSunday Post if I ever seen One...............Plenty of TREASURE to Fill UP @thedamus Chest.
Plenty of PREY and Plenty of PAY !!!
Arrrgh !


Take all ye can — and give nuffin back!

On top you sure are my friend. 👍


Cheers 510! I’m pretty surprised myself 😳🤩🤩

Congratulations dude! Once again proving the old adage, "buy more tickets mofo!", or something like that! :)
May the god of global mail delivery bless you and Canada Post!


They’re firing up the sled-dogs in anticipation!

Plundered the shit outta that raffle matey!


Bah ha fucking ha!!! Yeah i did! ⚡️🤘🤩⚡️

my good sir it was a most awesome time and so much fun seeing you win like that WOW keep on killing it


Cheers @corndogg42

I’ve got yer prize pack all ready to go 🔥💥☄️

Awesome, could you please tell me what is up with this?

Why all the egg plant's? lol


I don’t know if ya wanna’ be lying on that thing!




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Many thanks kvnq! 🤩👍👍


u welcome

Lol lol, you definitely cleaned up in that raffle! Enjoy the loot!




I was not at the raffle but now I see what you won. Congrats!


Thanks avel!

Awesome. Great booty

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I am very interested in your post @thedamus


Come on back real soon 😁👍

Wow you are the top on carnage

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Thx mp!

Wow what awesome awards, you're amazing.


Cheers teresah!

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Thx upme!

Hola tu enviaste 1.000SBD a merlin7, cuanto te dio de bonificacion por tu inversion?

Also thanks to you,, my lovely friend



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Thx pp!