Welcome to Chez Damus — your dinner is served!

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Welcome friends!


We have a lovely pre-set repaste for you this evening:

~Unconventional Art Thievery of ‘The Common Interest,’


~Roast of pawnshop smothered in Toner Nationals

Followed by

~A ten-course main of selected ‘One Wall’ Fountain Pics

~and for dessert, a 5year old clarvoyent channeling Sid Vicious

Do sit down. And relax. And breathe... Ahhhh.........

Fearing that the stackitus (goog it) was gaining new ground today, i decided to challenge it with a new formula! Where steady buying and steel-eyed determination had failed, i was now prepared to throw in a little random chaos and Artistry at it.

Stackitus arrives on the shadows of cats’ paws, and infiltrates like a Russian hooker! But it is an affliction that can be beaten back — dare i say beaten off!!!? — with some stealth, ingenuity, and an over the top flick of the wrist...

The theft:

After doing some “thang” at the new Machine @ the Beag, i found myself at Broadway & Granville an hour before i was due to meet my partner. If you’ve been following my posts for any length of time you will know i like to purloin the artform when i sees it — and today was no exception. Check out this mofo that paints with oil & knives!


This one isn’t my fave, but i dig his style and obvious skill — as well, if you paint “Common Interest” you’re probably not one of the A-holes out there causing problems...

I believe in supporting the arts. Maybe one day i will do more than just “window-loot” this shop — the above is prolly my 10th heist 😳 but the sticker price is frightful — though the image is sooo de-lightful...


...sometime after meeting my partner and doing a lot of math, and a side-chore ;), i was back out on Granville Street and found myself outside of a pawnshop. I had several hundred bux in my pocket, because why wouldn’t ya? And thought about Ray, and #steemsilvergold — and all you other crazy Mofos — and went the fuck in. I was out 10mins later with these:



I walked with them in hand for $100 cad. That may sound x-pensive, but seriously, i dare you, check ‘em out on ebay... These babies are hot!

And now the 10 course main of: my-mind-is blown-with-what-you-can-do-on-an-iPhone-section...

Here’s a pic of a fountain at One Wall Centre, Burrard Street, Vancouver.


I do like photography, and exercise this skill, but what the apps do these days is mindblowing. I think it was either Welshie or Owen or Sparks88 who let me in on this — claim your share-action fella! I’m amazed...

  1. 2066A90F-450B-4A31-A665-B3C529CEA35E.jpeg

  2. 99A08B7B-5D5A-4D4F-9FE2-391131B76D81.jpeg

  3. 618AECF0-0807-4C60-893C-914C3487BFE1.jpeg

  4. 16FF18EC-C76F-4E88-94C3-4F15C983B560.jpeg

  5. 2950EEBE-D290-49D7-AD03-8B49330B4354.jpeg

  6. 555B48AF-EACD-471B-A311-C39871E63C45.jpeg

  7. C48BF457-A672-4CC8-9939-D82107742D2A.jpeg

  8. A617321E-E658-4D44-9565-FB56C7198CF9.jpeg

  9. 32D273F6-9FDA-4847-B262-AE5AB9B06E5F.jpeg

  10. BB976ED7-7863-4B93-B27F-522DD8097085.jpeg

My Mind. Well. And — Truly Blown! Holy crap! This is truly Magic through tecnology.

It all started with one photo and a little curiosity...


The grandest voyages begin with one step — or a pull on the oar as it were...







Cheers! from @thedamus


An abstract pictures but some has funny messages, LOL

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Amazing colors. I love it 😍

Thx rhubarb!

Sweet toneage and nice pics. You know I love seeing that metals mafia banner fly too 🤜💥🤛

Dude, after May i’m petitioning for an apprentice license 😎

@thedamus, your writing is so excellent

How you allow the pictures to flow with the writing is exceptional.

"I believe in supporting the arts. Maybe one day i will do more than just “window-loot” this shop"... This is very thoughtful of you dear

Hey thanx! Very kind words...i do enjoy it all

I like the teddy bear birthday bar! It looks baked with a 70's porn moustache!. Anyway, Art is nice to have if you can, and I like that painting, and out there, some artists work can out perform any asset in the market as well!

Lol, now that you mention it...

Holy cow bubs, u spent about $800 on this post to get half that back when u get paid out! Why? I stopped using bots because the ROI is awful 😱 That could have bought alot of silver and beer man

I have found that it works out with a small bump like 3-7 SBD (barely when you add up the SBD and SP), and to basically only a couple bots, but yes, you are correct, the ROI lately isn't really worth a "hill of beans" lately, as Grandad would say!

I have found the bits to be alright. However, in the case above, the screen auto-populated my whole balance ffs! There is a glitch with my phone...

And, having never withdrawn any money from this site, it all kinda seems like play money anyways. Still tryin’ to figure out how to do that... cheers GA

Killer looking bars and the bagel 🤤

Barz n bagelz!

Sounds like a fun day!! And you hit up all the most important stops!

Tryin’ to diversify 😁

Nice pick-ups (again) @thedamus!

I believe that you must just wander around town, eating good food, riding the bus to new shops, and dragging a bag full of silver behind you all day on a little scooter. That is your job.

Nailed it!

...except for the scooter part —


Ok so I didn't mean you were on a scooter lol.....I meant like a little roller that holds your big bag of silver, you're dragging along. Haha.

That be the rock n roller stroller when the jbl is onboard 😜

Do you know about the Steem Bot Tracker site?


Why would you make such a big bit with only one bot. You could have spread that to a few bots and gotten a much better payback. Instead you lost money and so did everyone else.

Made a mistake... 😡🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯

This is so cool @thedamus. You have such a captivating style of writing. Not sure if you are aware of it. Maybe it's better not to be anyways..

Cheers kofi!

I’m not entirely sure what you read but I like the mention of Sid Vicious and the metal buying. The art seems a bit pricey imo but art isn’t about making something I like it’s about filling someone’s(even your own) inner void, soooo right on!

Have a good one ya crazy bastard ;)

For me, it’s not about what’s missing, but what can be gained...

The food looks delicious....and all the paintings are amazing its just awesome....you must be very creative and talented....thanks for sharing.

Thanks for saying so u-pro

I like OLD Vintage Silver Bars @thedamus, money well spent at the LCS

Cheers buddy!

😁 I see you were having a bit of fun with the trippy filters! those bars have some killer tones.☠️

Yep. Crazy onboard action!

My friend, these photos are amazing. I do not care that it is a software, there is a human being manipulating and choosing the colors and the effects. Beautiful !

Thanks Ron! I appreciate the feedback.

That was more art than I have seen in a year!

This is really nice, can i have one for me.

Eat it pal!

Not I, it was the luckiest steemian alive @owenwat that introduced us all to these filters.

And the silver looks great too

"Best abstract"..which also gives some DEEP details.

cool post, thx!!! 😁

ya saya sangat menarik meliat postingan anda, tapi logo logo dan lampang kurang terkesan, beberapa yang saya pahami pekerjaan itu luar biasa,, semangat

Keep up the good work sire. This are really beautiful

Meat & Mustard knows no religion

I'll give you an amen for that!!

Am with you sire.Guezz that is final

OooooaaaaaaaaaaaO !!!! nice pic .. Al of those pic painting awesome. I like this type of pic.

Yeh ! You are the painter in those pic ???

Photographer for the fountain pics. The other one is by the artist listed.

One of my favorite foods. It is delicious, although the price is one more.

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An interesting post that zig-zagged from one topic to another. Feeling dizzy now.

look nice but i hope it tasty ..

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Waw amazing delicious food

Yeah! Great pStries hey?

I like it

The food looks really delicious.The modern technology advances allow us to have effects on pictures that we never thought we could have.The apps create some crazy effects which are unreal but yet good and interesting for the human eyes.By the way , nice silver ! You seem like a person who really loves silver.

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.

One can call it the amazing work....best colors...keep it up..