The Secret: A Stacker’s Guide to Infinite Riches and Wisdoms Galore!

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A: Participate

Hi friends!

Did y’all know i’m hosting a raffle, and that any one of you could be the winner?

The winner of these:


A kick ass 2018 Niue “Stormtrooper”


And a blazing 2001 SML


And the Maple is still mint in its original RCM thick mylar pack!

A heavy dose of stackitus medicine guaranteed to temporarily alleviate even the most severe symptoms of this most beloved and dangerous disease.


Ol’ Lizzy looks pretty fancy in her crown!!! And she could be yours! All ya gotta’ do is send @thedamus some Steem or some SBD (whichev), and get on da list of Asskickers who have already stepped up.

1 Steem or SBD = one ticky
More tickies = more laundry

  1. @raybrockman
  2. @davedickeyyall
  3. @welshstacker
  4. @silverd510
  5. @raybrockman
  6. @mikepm74
  7. @welshstacker
  8. @davedickeyyall
  9. @eaglespirit
  10. @raybrockman
  11. @davedickeyyall
  12. @fat-elvis
  13. @silverd510
  14. @bengy
  15. @raybrockman
  16. @welshstacker
  17. @knowledge-seeker
  18. @knowledge-seeker
  19. @silverd510
  20. @raybrockman
  21. @pbock
  22. @matthewwarn
  23. @welshstacker
  24. @kerrislravenhill
  25. @raybrockman
  26. @davedickeyyall
  27. @mikepm74
  28. @knowledge-seeker
  29. @matthewwarn
  30. @raybrockman
  31. @matthewwarn
  32. @fat-elvis
  33. @davedickeyyall
  34. @knowledge-seeker
  35. @raybrockman
  36. @mikepm74
  37. @summertooth
  38. @matthewwarn
  39. @knowledge-seeker
  40. @raybrockman
  41. @silverd510
  42. @corndogg42
  43. @welshstacker
  44. @bengy
  45. @raybrockman
  46. @silverd510
  47. @summertooth
  48. @summertooth
  49. @summertooth
  50. @raybrockman
  51. @summertooth
  52. ⚡️
  53. ⚡️
  54. ⚡️
  55. ⚡️
  56. @summertooth

And just for shits and giggles, i’m gonna’ throw this ol’ 50 on the pile. Good luck Asskickers!!!



And have a little looky-loo at what i espied,
with my one good eye, today on the Menē


And this golden mofo too!!!


Sign up here for a free account, it takes less than 2mins

And If you do, and you send me a screen cap of your welcome mssg, i’ll send you 1 Steem! And, Menē will send you $5 worth of free gold or Platinum!

Damn!!! What are you waiting for?

So get off yer assess, and come down here
‘Cause rock n roll ain’t no middle man
To me it makes
Good, good sense!


Cheers! from @thedamus



Proud supporter of: #steemsilvergold, Precious (even when she’s snoozin’), and all of these guys:

@welshstacker, @silverstackeruk, @buggedout, and the notorious @raybrockman

And my rebellious fambalam over on the mothership #thealliance



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I'll take 4 tickies...


You’re in Jackson!


You called for The Stackitis Nurse?

My Clinical Study of Stackitis-Stackitus Article Health Report 8675309

Thank you Mr @thedamus
This post is Stackitus-Stackitis Nurse approved!
Be sure sure to stay on regular Silver treatments
and have all your major food groups in your diet.
Put me in for number 24 after @welshstacker please.

If you are having problems dealing in coping with Stacking symptoms, side effects, or negative outcomes my clinic door will be open.

"Because the loss of a Stacker as a loss to all of us."

Kerris L Ravenhill
Steemit Public Health Intake Studies Division: HCW II, N.P.N, D.T.Dip , Bu.S.H.I.T PMAS Stackitis Study Group


Good number Nurse Raven! ✨24✨

2 tickets dude. Steem inbound


Gotcha’ fat-e, and thank you — thank you very much!


🤗 thanks bro. And remember... if I lose... It was the Russians....🤣


Didn’t you hear? It’s now the Chinese!!!

Can I get 2 more tickets TD #17 & 18 please? I am afraid that if you keep adding prizes I may have to see if I can get more STEEM to get more tickets! Haha! STEEM on the way.


Thx k-seeker — you’re in! 🤩👍👍


Appreciate it brother!

Gimme 6, 27 & 36 please and thankye.


You’re on da list!

Thanks 74 and Goodluck! ⚡️🍆😈⚡️

only rich if i get on your new bot wink wink .. i want the gold tho not the coin LOL


I’ll re-edit now eagle — thx Asskicker!

🤩👍👍’re in!


wait in what? oh shoot, i had changed my mind and deleted my request. doh.


#49 Now Available!!! 😁😜🤣🤣🤣


gahhh whatch the scurvy number come up now

I will buy 2 tickets.. can i@thedamus


Just send the loot and a mssg — and i’ll add you to the list of assickers! — i draw Saturday night live on SSG discord via 3rd party bot 😁👍


okk.. I will

Am I the only one with a single ticket to my name on that list ?! 😂

I just ordered my first silver bullion online. The site had good reviews on 2 different review sites so should be authentic hehe.

Hopefully I can make an unveiling post of my fifth piece of silver in a couple of days 😆

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Well, got to be in it... I've had no luck in the raffles so far, but seeing as you are the guy that always wins them, I guess I stand a chance if you aren't playing! 2sbd on the way!


Cheers @bengy! I win lots ‘cause i buy lotsa tix 🤩😁👍

Goodluck!!! #14 & 44


Yeah I know, but I'm happy you are on the sidelines this time!



ok give me 42 it will be the only one I can get I think


Nooooooo!!! I was about to take 42. Damn you man! I woulda been here first, but I forgot my towel.


never forget your towel


Corndogg42 with the answer to the universe!


Sneaky-Ninja-Throwing-Coin 125px.jpg
Defended (100.00%)
Summoned by @thedamus
Sneaky Ninja supports @youarehope and @tarc with a percentage of all bids.
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Hi @thedamus, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @silverd-510 and @damus don't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @silverd510 and @thedamus ?

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In fact i did, thank you.

Hi everybody i am come from god say hello to You What do You thing about that is it right sure..

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