Take Five!

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Hi friends,

Well I thought i’d go past my LCS today and see what I could see. As it turned out I got a good one. A 2000 Kook for just a couple bucks over spot



Now i’m a long way from filling in the whole run, but I was very happy to pick up this lil’ birdy today as Kooks are one of my fave national coins currently being minted. However, as soon as I left the shop I began to feel an old familiar itch... it started in my wallet and then moved up my spine pretty quickly before exploding in my cerebellum. The dreaded Stackitus — it was back!

I completed my biz duties and then, perhaps not so ironically, found myself at the Vancouver Bullion and Currency Exchange (sometimes they have some good stuff). I thought I may buy an ounce or two, but fak! They had some good stuff and my mind went all silvery and I couldn’t decide, and there were capsules, and then...it all went dark for a few minutes.

When I came to, I had some new rounds and a brand-new fatso to play with. The rounds are pristine, come in capsules, and were for generic price; and the 2ozer was slightly cheaper than 2 Maples would’ve been, so I feel like i did pretty good. Anyway, have a gander and try not to slander: 😜




The RCMP coin is celebrating 100 years of service and (yo @fat-elvis) doesn’t ol’ George look smart on a new coin!?

Hope y’all dig. Thar be 5 more ounces thrown on the old loot pile. Y’Arrrr!

Cheers! from @thedamus



OMG! Awesome price on the Kook and I am totally slabbering on the Mounty/George! 🤤

Hi friend! 👋🏻

Hiya D! Apparently they just came in... the mounty is pretty basic, but I do like me some George on a Cad coin 😁👍

Hello, someone did call for The Stackitis/stackitus Nurse?

My Clinical Study of Stackitis-Stackitus Article Health Report 8675309

Intervention Assessment:
Brand: Perth Mint ✔
Configuration: 1oz Coin ✔
Year: 2000 almost vintage ✔
Purity: 0.999 ✔
Supporting Ag: Supported by the new 2oz 2020 RCMP ✔
Supporting Ag: And a pair of Proof Novus Ordo Seclorum ✔
Patient Assessment (SAT) score 1.5

Status: Pass

Conclusion: Treatment outcome Successful. Mr @thedamus

Comments: Interesting. Blacking out is indicative of serious pent up Stackitis leading to a serious relapse in your condition. Too long since your previous treatment and I would suggest more frequent treatment and sharing in the Steemit community because me miss you.

Thank you as I'll be monitoring and documenting the results carefully. I will add these experiences into our knowledge base knowing that it will greatly benefit others in similar circumstances.
If you are having problems dealing in coping with Stacking symptoms, side effects, or negative outcomes my clinic door will be open.

"Because the loss of a Stacker as a loss to all of us."

Kerris L Ravenhill
Steemit Public Health Intake Studies Division: HCW II, N.P.N, D.T.Dip , Bu.S.H.I.T The PMAS Stackitis Study Group
🚑 💉 For the Health of the Stacking Community 🚒 💊

I think you nailed it! —> need more silver! 😜👍

That Canadian 2oz is a real beaut!

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Cheers bb 🍻

Ohh wow... That is some truly AMAZING ones you got there 😍 the kook is beautiful, but the other 2 coins just got me all itchy to... Lol
Amazing share my friend 😜👍 Love it.
I was a good girl not buying a silver for 2 weeks... Then I did fail missreble by buying 2 heavy 5 oz rounds 🙈 OMG... Im crazy.

Thank you for sharing and loved it. Have a wonderful weekend and much love 🤗🙏🌹❤️

Thx sweety! Watching you snarfle up all those great new pieces the last few weeks has been making me cray-cray 🤪🤩😘

I could fill in your entire Kook collection.... Great pick ups brother. 👍

Cheers 510, those eagle rounds for generic price we’re a smoking deal 😎👍

Beautiful pickups @the thedamus! My favorites are the Kook and the George coin 👍👍💪🏻! Have a fantastic weekend, my friend. Cheers 🌺🌺🤙

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Thx saver! I felt good to add to the stack today 😁😁

Next time I visit my daughter I will bring this beautiful 2oz coin to Brazil.

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Bring me with it!!! 😜😁👍👍

Not stackitus .......Awsome Kook, and the regular rounds are top quality!!😀
Sometimes I can grab nice generic rounds, and then sometimes all the LCS has are plain rounds....
Well it's all Silver, and it all stacks😀
Have a good weekend!!

Cheers silver top — keep yer bananas peeled for the deals 👍

Always my friend!!!👍😊

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Love the old king on the new coin buddy. I hope they make a few more new ones like that.

My man! I figured you’d like this one 😎👍

Nice addition to the collection

Cheers dd, another hunski saved from the evil beer taps! 😜👍

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