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Hi friends,

It all started with Spiderman about 2yrs ago. My son Charlie, who was 4, was really into Spiderman and i thought that was just fine and dandy: Spidey actually has some smart shit to say for a highschool kid, and is one of Stan Lee’s most beloved characters.


So when i saw the coin i knew i had to get one for my boy — and a couple more for myself 😁🤩😁
Then i picked up Thor and Black Panther in the last year sometime or other. Finally, i cut a deal with @saffisara for Ironman & Deadpool, and while they were in transit a Deadpool (and a huge pile of other stuff) arrived from @raybrockman...


So now i have an extra Deadpool which i think i’ll give to the Assassin for his growing stack. I tell ya’ those 2 boys are gonna’ be pm hounds if i can do anything about it 😎👍

So without any further blarney, here’s the up to date set of Marvel Coins



Pretty damn snazzy!!! I wonder if they’re gonna release an SPT? 😜😍😂😂😂

Cheers! from @thedamus



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I have a Spiderman coin and I want a Black Panther. This is my first time seeing the Deadpool, which I must get!

The Deadpool is fab!

That is a badass collection right there. I can see the boys being stackin Monsters


AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! I love your Marvel silver collection... and great hand pours! WOW... my stackitus is at high levels right now seeing the beautiful additions to your stack! CHEERS, @thedamus!! Keep going, steep stacking!!!

Thanks saver! It’s fun to have a complete set 🤩 i mighta’ rushed a bit on photog’in them — they’re so shiny it’s tough to get a detailed pic 😁😁😁
But good times! And now my stackitus is enraged too 🤣 i need a falcon of the Plantagenents and a couple more of these! 😳😜🤪

The Egyptian Gods series is a top notch quality silver round series very worth the investment, like the Privateer (the EG are even finer, and has a different reverse for every round). No wonder your stackitus is raging... seeing these beautiful art rounds can drive one crazy!

My son is oooh-ing and aaah-ing
I didn't even know there were coins like these
That's a really cool collection for any kid (and Dad) :D

Very fun! 😁🤩😁


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I got some of them. Gonna have to see what I’m missing.

It’sa good inexpensive series with some chance of good primo down the line imo.

I absolutely love this marvel collection 😉👍 and I'm happy you have the whole collection now and I still don't have spiderman that's the one I'm lacking.... So cool to se it here and it is a Badass coin 😃 lol
Happy we both made a great deal that we both loved... Happy that little me can have something to offer you Badass pirate and mentor 😂 lol
Your Awsome... Thank you for sharing this.

Thx again saffi! I’m going for the “Egyptian gods” next. I have the cleopatra, but need to get the other two 🤩👍

Yes I saw that in the comments about the Egyptian gods.. Never seen them before and I actually was a bit... Hmmm... Cool collection to have 😉👌
Really cool you have cleopatra 😊 so many cool coins it's crazy.. Lol
Being new is dangerous... I buy all I want and have to stop myself... Lol
Stackitus fever 🤒😂😂hahaha

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It’s a tough urge to tame! 😁🤩😁

Deadpool is love 😍 keep continue your great work man.

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Some sweet looking rounds, that bar looks a chunky little beast.

And really socks with sandals, is that a Canadian thing 🤔

It is on January 1st — Polar Bear swim outfit 😜👍

Sick man. Let me have one of those poors. lmfao

Nope! heh he heh 🤘😎

Yep! Me too 😁😁😁

Those collection look awesome for kids of all ages 😜👍

Big fan of Marvel both in the comics and cinematic universe. This good; better than DC too 😁

Seems like the Marvel universe is a little more evolved. Thanks for stopping by @scrypta

Wow that's great I love the spiderman. Are you guys play Marvel Games. If no then visit here -

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