Engelhard On the Rise!

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Hi Friends,

There’s so much Ag getting shown off the last couple of days it’s hard to keep track — so i’m just gonna’ throw some more into the mix and shoot from the hip. I can’t quote exact mintage numbers for the pieces below, but i do know that the entire run of Engelhard products is relatively low, so any bar is a great one to have.

Here’s some of mine:




Here are the bars from @goldkey (below...) and the epic Monster Raffle II — and another couple, including a sweet Scotia Bank E


And penultimately, a nice sheet o nine


And perhaps finally, an Engelhard with my malappropriated logo on it — TD Bank baby!




And finally, some old extruded and poured bars for your enjoyment


Stack ‘em hard, and stack ‘em fast!
Because this sale, ain’t gonna’ last!

Cheers! from @thedamus




Your killing it brother

Thanks Hammer!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

👊😎 like a rock mofos!

That’s a serious Engelhard smackdown brother...👍👊🏻🍺⚔️⛏🍆💦

Fuckin’ E brother!!!


Did a Scottsdale smackdown today.👍

Sadly, i have no Scottsdale pieces, but the one’s you showed are nizzze mon!

Those poured bars are amazing. I'd love to get my hands on some of those. Thanks for the Engelhard Porn!

😁😁😁 i knew you’d likey. 😁😁😁

I like to see so much different silver together. It is a pleasure to see the bars, again and again.

The vintage bullion is pretty sweet 😁😁🤩

Oh man holding some great pieces @thedamus. Thanks for sharing!

Cheers @silveringots! I’m glad you had a look 😁
Stack on brother 👊😎

WTG, @thedamus! Great stack! CHEERS!!!

Thanks saver! Welcome back 😍👍👍

Nice TD! So many different kinds and designs to look at.

It’s incredible how much variety there is! I want to stack more 😁😁😁

янтарь. меняешь

Congratulations!!! 🇷🇺 — 🇨🇮

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