Adding some silver and steem power at these crazy low prices!

in steemsilvergold •  6 months ago

This last week has been a great time to add to the stack!

I'm trying to get rid of worthless fiat money and buy things with tangible value ASAP!

I was lucky enough to catch a deal from @raybrockman's RCS (Ray's coin shop). You know the one that sells out in minutes.

I kept seeing great deals on his post's and was always way to late to pick up on them. One time I overheard on discord about another special coming up, so I stayed glued to the computer until his post came out!

(It was worth the wait)

Big score!

(Five) 2017 1 oz Barbados Trident Silver Coins added to the stack.

(One) 4-ounce hand poured Grimm Reaper from M.K. bars.


Here are some close ups of the front and back.





Thank you @raybrockman for sharing some of your stack at an exclusive #steemsilvergold price!

Stay tuned to see how I got 20 ounces at spot thank's to @silversaver888!

Stack on my friend's, the price is right for silver, gold and Steem power!

Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day!

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Great stuff!

The Grim Reaper is quite scary.


Yes he is,lol.

it is very beautiful post!

Yes, load the boat. That grim reaper looks awesome

Great pick ups! Way to get in on the RCS sale!


Had to be quick on that one, thanks the reaper is staying out on my desk!

Are you CRAZY ?? It is still not Low Enough Yet @tbnfl4sun...................


Dude, I got dry powder that has been burning a hole in my pockets, How low will it go without the premiems shooting up?

Great deals! I was always too late on the RCS's sales.


I think he closed the shop for now!😰

Thanks for the post buddy, glad they got to you safely, nice catch on that number 3 reaper.


Thank you Ray, I'm lovin it!

Time to get your hands on whatever you can it seems. Also heard from someone today to buy silver.


Yes, It's a great time to pick up silver. I don't think there is much downside from here!

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