Mystery treasure 1797 Britannia Copper Coin

in steemsilvergold •  8 months ago

Hey Putting it out to #steemsilvergold community if anyone can shed some light or give some info on this mystery coin.

I guess I could Google it myself but though this would be more fun.


I’m pretty sure it’s made of copper, weighs 56g , Diameter 41mm and approx 5mm thick.

So is it Real or Fake?

Have I stumbled on Trash or is it Treasure?

0CAD0389-D861-48F6-A960-060A9D2ED029.png Thanks @bearone for the teamaustralia and steemsilvergold banners

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I've got a similar coin that's been handed down. Mine is much more worn and probably not worth much. It's still interesting to have that history


Nice history being handed down, I just rediscovered mine. It was part of a tour business I bought many years ago and had been hiding in a box.

Cartwheel two pence. Fetching quite good money at about £40. Might have to find mine out now to see what condition it is in.


Be great to see a pic to compare.

For being that old the coin is certainly in very good state!


It’s got one reasonable ding in the edge at about 4 o’clock near the REX but it is in good shape. Lovely age petina. It’s certainly a solid lump of copy I hope 2p bought a lot more than it would now to carry it around.

That’s defo a real one... looks in good shape though


Its sounding like it’s proper treasure

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Copper two pence (scarce) : value VG = 14GBP F=42 GBP etc . Looks F=Fine to me.


Thanks so much for the info. I think it’s a worthy addition to my stack even though it’s not a Precious metal.
I can’t imagine the history that this price of copper has seen in 221 years.

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