Just What the Doctor ordered...Well some Silver made me feel better anyway.

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As you may know I’ve had a few health challenges over the past week, I am very happy to report I’m home and although still have some more tests to do and feeling a lot better.
The postman dropped off a parcel to make me feel even better. A couple of weeks ago I read a post from @sevinwilson Gifting Silver - Always a great gift. which included a Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar, being a former scout I checked out if there had been an Aussie version of the Silver coin as I remembered the standard $1 coin being released.
I was very happy to find the had been an Australian Silver coin commemorating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the scout movement. Although in Australia it was a $5 rather than $1.
A quick search and I a few for sale online so I ordered one.

Since I was paying some postage I though I’d also pick up a little something extra to put a bounce in my stack and grabbed this really cool Kangaroo.

53141F4F-07B0-481A-AD7E-80B09EE9C68A.png Thanks to @bearone for the banners.

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Very nice, I have a few silver coins from the Perth mint. Apart from the Britannia, Perth Mint coins are my favourite coins. One of the few I'm prepared to pay a decent premium for. Good post (got me thinking about my stack)


Thanks. The scout coin is from the Royal Australian Mint and the Kangaroo is from Perth Mint. Hope to see some posts showing off your stack.

Its good to hear that you finally got better and returned home.
And australian silver coin is beautiful :)


Yes glad to be home.

finally you got better :) and congratulations finally your silvercoin arrived


Thanks. Yes happy I’m feeling better.

wow nice coin. I still have that 1/10 Ounce Golden Nugget with the Queen and the Kangaroo. I got that as a present when I was young


Ohh nice present. I’m a real silver addict but some Gold coins are next on my list.


I haven´t started collecting but will as soon as I´m back home.

Thx for showing. That kangaroo is the Australian answer to the Maple, Philharmonic and other pure bullion coins. It is cheap even in Europe.


Yeah that’s why I thought I’d grab it. Wasn’t much of a premium and the postage was the same for 2 coins as one.

That proof is simply stunning!! I might like the Australian version better! I hope you continue to make progress and feel better!!


Thanks for inspiring me to search this one out.


You're welcome!! :D

Sorry about the health challenges. Yay for pretty coins making you feel a bit better :D



Thanks getting better each day.

@stephen-somers Your STACKITIS Medicine came through just in time again.............


Yes happy days.

finally you got better :)
and congratulations finally your silvercoin arrived