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It's been quite a hectic week at the Stacksalot compound, but the brightest part by far was the arrival of the final piece of Lost World collection....the Ankylosaurus!




Like all of the others, this baby is 8 ounces of sterling silver.

It's the 6th and final piece from the Heads or Tails Coins & Collectables ( It is part of a 6 piece Lost World Collection series.

The set is finally complete!

Here is the entire family picture:


Unlike the majority of my stack, I keep these right on my desk and play with them daily! I feel like a kid again playing with his dino-buddies!

They cost alot more than your standard rounds or bars, but to me, they were worth it!!!

Keep on Stacking! The endgame is near!!!



Super cool silver. I love the mammoth especially!

I love them all. Just like the toys I played with when I was a kid....except they're SILVER!!!!

Amazing! I love this collection! To me the Triceratops is number one.

Thanks! I'm really loving the Anklyo. It's just a small, pointy, ball of silver!

Wow that is really cool! I actually found an Ankylosaurus tooth while hiking around in the Rockies.

That's a cool story. Too bad you didn't find the whole skeleton!

So glad you got the set. They are a little rich for my blood, but if you ever want to sell them ill give you spot plus p&p 😉

I don't see getting much more from Heads or Tails, though I got to admit they have some really cool stuff!

That is a most beautiful collection. If i had it, I would put it on my working table and play with it, just like you.

They're the best toys I ever had!

That is badass.

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I didn't even know there was a dinosaur named "ankylosaurus." He looks BA though! He's even got spikes coming out of the side of his head and neck.

That collection is one of the coolest things I've seen someone do with silver. Also, it's sterling, so it's less likely to break or bend than .999 silver. Congrats on finishing the set!


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