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The $100 Bitconnect Challenge... BTC +4% / -BCC -3%... Day 51 #265

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Yeah, im into chaingroup. I invested into the Dragon trade group and will filter my interest payments into TG Thomas $10 at a time. I am not 100% about this but i think when TG repay your investment, they only repay the investment and not the reinvests so be careful with compounding. I think it would be better to save up and do new $10 invests for a new 300 day term (manually compound). I looked at the other trade groups and TG is the one for me going forward as the repay investment. I'll 1.2% daily interest and capital back for a 300 day term any day over 2.9% for 90 days and no capital back.

Seen that Grant/James giveaway. Nice to no someone get paid out 😎 Do you think it strange that these guys are doing a 100k giveaway 2 days after Trevon got hacked for a 900k a few days ago and Grant lost 40ish BTC a few weeks back. I know they make money hand over fist, 30-40k a day i guess but still..... Maybe its a tax dodge

I never signed up under anyone on BCC so i used my sponsor to join a bitconnect chain where the newest member signs up under the last member making a chain. I have never posted a referral link and earned more from referrals then i do from this $100 loan. Maybe $2-4 a day. The guy above me has a youtube channel, i seen my name on his list during one of his video's. How random is that?

Thanks for the awesome comment buddy and thanks for your best wishes. My faith has also grown with bitconnect through using it and hopefully we will reap the rewards for taking the risk.

I look forward to seeing you on here again my friend and the best of luck to you until that time comes :)

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