Your Choice of Silver Gift from Me to YOU!

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Happy #piratesunday!

If you were tagged in this article, then you are included in the

Silver Gift of Gratitude Drawing tomorrow, 9/2/2019

Should your name be drawn as the recipient of a gift, which one silver piece do you want? Please let me know in your comment to this post.

If you don't comment as to your choice, then you won't get anything, hehehe... just joking!!!!

The choices are...

Aztec 1 oz Silver Round | Warrior Series

1 oz Silver Round | Aztec Calendar

The Norse 1 oz Silver Round | World of Dragons Series

2019 American Silver Eagle

2019 South African Krugerrand
Random year Mexico Libertad

All photos of silver rounds and coins were taken from the dealer's website. where the winner's gift will be purchased.

Drawing for A Silver Gift of Gratitude

I post an article every day using either the #steemsilvergold or the #ssglife tag, and #thealliance tag.
I will be giving A GIFT OF GRATITUDE to one lucky supporter of my blog.
The steemians who commented within the first 24 hour period of posting my articles from August 23 through August 31 and those who comment on this September 1, 2019 article will be included in a drawing for one silver coin or round or bar (which, for reference purposes only, is the equivalent to more than 100 steem by today's prices shipped to the winner).
Drawing will be any time on September 2, Pacific.
The list of First Commenters is provided below.
Thank you, friends, for your support.

List of First Commenters:

8/23- @vgholdingsllc, @silverd510, @kerrislravenhill, @fat-elvis, @underground, and @bitcoinman for Two Vintage Eagle Silver Bars

8/24- @teenagecrypto, @vgholdingsllc, @silverd510, @tattoodjay, @kerrislravenhill for GAW Gift of Gratitude Announcement

8/25- @kerrislravenhill, @melinda010100, @vgholdingsllc, @underground, @silverd510, @dfinney, @vgholdingsllc, @tattoodjay, and @ace104 for #sublimesunday Road Art

8/26- @themanwithnoname, @dfinney, @summertooth, @melinda010100, @goldmatters, @clitadias, @kerrislravenhill, @vgholdingsllc, @underground, @goldfashioned, for I 💘#menemonday

8/27- @silverd510, @ladybug146, @theunion, @dfinney, @melinda010100, @kerrislravenhill, @clitadias, @teenagecrypto, @knowledge-seeker, @dwingsworld for How would you feel if you were discarded like a tomato

8/28- @deepwaters, @saffisara, @kerrislravenhill, @underground, @melinda010100, @tattoodjay, @clitadias, @dwingsworld, @welshstacker, @silverd510 for Do you like this silver art round?

8/29- @melinda010100, @saffisara, @kerrislravenhill, @dwingsworld, @underground, @welshstacker, @anouk.nox, @thekittygirl, @tattoodjay, @dfinney, @handofzara, @silverd510, @thedamus, @summertooth, @tbnfl4sun, @clitadias for My Stacking Sisters

8/30- @dwingsworld, @saffisara, @dfinney, @welshstacker, @kerrislravenhill, @silverd510, @balticbadger, @teenagecrypto, @hangin, @anouk.nox for The Silver Raven

8/31- @kerrislravenhill, @pocetechange, @clitadias, @silverd510, @lass3, @welshstacker, @underground, @dixiesilverminer, @thekittygirl, @steemingmark, @ackza, @melinda010100, @bitcoinman for SilverPornSaturday:US Constitutional Coins

Thank you for viewing this article. I post every day, and I hope to see you again soon!

@silversaver888 is a proud member of #steemsilvergold


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😊Enjoy the sun and Labor Day!!!😊

Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!

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Very cool I would go with the aztec one but it may be to late now lol steemit issues

Gosh, a tough choice, Norse Dragon.

Posted using Partiko Android

But of course... I knew you'd pick that one!!! Good Luck, my dearest stacking sis, @kerrislravenhill! I love that moji. And again, you pick the best ones... how cool is that you are wearing a choker.
Okay.. I just found this one!!!

i fucking love seeing all this silver and teh artwork is so cool @stellabelle would be proud

i love all the silver coisn and peopel posting ehri silver making MORE silver

its so cool to post Cannabis flowers and Silver and get PAID to do it!

My friedn @bleepcoin HAS a metal detector I NEED ONE too GPX5000 i can go to Abandoned godl mines NEAR my city of san diegoa nd look for actual godl and silver !

I dont have that dragon round yet, but i like surprises as well. Dealers choice i say bestie.🌹

Hehehe, bestie, you are FIRST to comment on this article!!! Did I tell you that I actually have 2 drawings... one for the first commenters and the second one is for the first 24-hour commenters. I like the dragon round myself! I don't have it too. Good luck!!!

What a tough choice!!! Some cool rounds there, captain k likes the dragons

I like the dragon myself!!! Good Luck, @dixiesilverminer!

Omg! These choices are all soooooo good! I would probably pick the dragon.... ha ha, but then would have to go back and get the whole series!

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

My pick is the dragon, too! It is a beautiful series, and I think that it is a good series to have. You may not have to go that far back, except that the two (Welsh and Aztec) is hard to come by now. Also, one can add a copper collection to compliment the silver Dragon collection. I think there will be only 6 rounds to this series...
Good luck, sweet @dfinney! Have a fantastic Labor Day!

That dragon coin is sick

It is a great looking round for sure! Good luck, @davedickeyyall! Have a wonderful Labor Day.

Oh wow!! I would be very very happy to receive this one: The Norse 1 oz Silver Round | World of Dragons Series

I mean, the front and the back are awesome! And I play steemmonsters every day, so dragons it is haha..

Fingers crossed, have a nice Sunday!!

It is an awesome silver round, @anouk.nox! Crossing my fingers for you as well, my friend. Good luck!!!!

Thank you so much, if it's meant to be it will be :) and if not, better luck another time hehe ..

  ·  last month (edited)

I can't belive I never seen this one before 🙈 Damn... I looove these and have 2 myself... Loove to have this one.. Lol
The Norse 1 oz Silver Round | World of Dragons Series
Thats not The same as Destiny knights serie? That dragon eye is on them to 😜 see... I still don't know much... Lol

Happy piratesunday and I always love your sherry fun posts. Even when Im feeling low your post makes me 😍 Love you ❤️

Damn.. I just saw Im second alot but haven't made first commenter in a while.. Lol

It is not the same as the Destiny Knights series. It will be a great addition to the others: Welsh Dragon, Aztec Dragon, and Chinese Dragon. Good luck, and wishing you the best! Happy piratesunday, @saffisara.😍❤️

I had NO idea that 2 different collections could have same eye 😜like in this case... Same dragon eye but not the same collection.
Im glad I know now cause I really love that dragon alot and Will check the other ones out to. Se I learn new things every time 😉👍 lol

Have a wonderful evening and today I Will share some new silver shields I got 😍
HUGS AND kisses 🌸🦋💮

What beauties 💖💐 I'd love the 2019 American eagle please. Thank you @silversaver888 🙏💐🤗

Posted using Partiko Android

PERFECT choice!! It is the number 1 silver coin in the entire world!!!! Do you know that I stack American Silver Eagles? The rest of the silver that I have, I just get one piece of just to sustain the excitement, interest, and motivation to keep stacking. Good luck, my friend @clitadias! Have a terrific day! 🤗 💖

I love eagles 🥰💐

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you so much for including me in this! That's so nice of you. I like all sorts of silver and try not to discriminate, but I really like that dragon round. :)

Hehehe, it is a popular choice. And it is a beautiful round!!! Good luck, @themanwithnoname! Have a fantastic day!

Thank you silversaver888! You've just received an upvote of 57% by thejollyroger!

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So cool!!! Thanks, @thejollyroger!

@silversaver888 thanks for the chance!! I Have got to go for the 2019 ASE! They are my weakness and I have yet to hit my goal for the year. Thanks for sharing!!

Posted using Partiko Android

PERFECT choice!!! We celebrate every ounce added to the stack. Whether we hit our goals or not really depends on our personal circumstances and events that occur during the year. And we all know that you just became Daddy dwingsworld! The great thing about our goals in stacking is: it is a very personal goal, and we can be flexible about it. As for myself, my list keeps getting revised, like every month, LOL! And with all the revisions made throughout the year, I am certain to make my goals by the end of the year, hehehe! Good Luck, my friend @dwingsworld!

I like the American silver eagle, simple and well appreciated.

Posted using Partiko Android

PERFECT choice! Good Luck, @ironshield!!!!

These are all wonderful! I love the Dragon best, though. ❤️

That is a beautiful round! This mythical creature is a favorite of stackers! Good luck my friend, @melinda010100! Have a terrific Sunday! Take care.❤️

Thanks a lot for the mention

Posted using Partiko Android

Ever notice how many PeopeL want to Be DRAGONS, Like US???



oooooooooh, that Aztec Calendar round is awesome! 😍
Such a sweet thing to be doing this...! 😊

I think so too!!! So when I order the pick of whoever wins, I am actually ordering the Aztec Calendar and the Norse Dragon for myself too!
Good luck, my friend, @thekittygirl! Have a fantastic day. Take care. 😍😊