My GO-TO for Vintage Silver

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It is #piratesunday! And...

Happy Birthday, @stockjockey!

It was actually his birthday a couple of days ago.

I am soooo embarrased and I am very disappointed with myself for not remembering @stokjockey's birthday!

I try to console myself by rationalizing that I was too busy shouting him out every day this week that even if I did forget his special day, he was in my thoughts on his actual birthday.

Then I realize that I have no excuse for forgetting. But... better late than never!

@stokjockey is my go-to for vintage silver. He is the man-about-LCS's, and quite a savvy silver shopper!

Oftentimes, @stokjockey will inform me about silver pieces which he knows I might be interested in.

Other times I'd ask him to look for specific pieces.

And then, I have a standing order for silver rounds and bars that depicts The Statue of Liberty and the American Eagle.

So... I go about unboxing the recent package of silver that I ordered.... and out comes a special coin! Wait... did I order this?

@stokjockey always takes care of his clients. He always sends something extra.

His thoughtfulness is very evident by his choice of that "special extra silver piece".

I've always wanted a Seated Liberty coin, but never got to getting one.

This Seated Liberty dime was used as a charm or pendant and engraved with the initials "LC" in Script, which is my favorite font. This coin is so mine!!!

A wonderful serendipity!

Unbeknownst to @stokjockey and anyone here, "Cali" was the nickname my friends call me in middle school. They replaced my last name with "Cali" for California.. L. Cali.

Growing up, I talked a lot and non-stop about my dream of living and working in the mainland... and the walls of my room had posters of California all over! And when it was time to go to college, I chose USF, a private Catholic University in San Francisco.

I will most definitely wear this coin as a friendship token charm!

If you come across a girl with this bracelet... then that would be me!

Thank you for viewing this article. I post everyday, and I hope to see you again soon!

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😊 Happy #piratesunday!!!😊

Belated Happy Birthday to @stokjockey!

Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!

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Sweet silver! And happy B'Day to SJ.

I like the Seated Liberty dime... and I can wear it too! Thanks for stopping by, @fat-elvis! I hope all is well with you, my friend.

I know @stokjockey would totally understand Sis.

I am such an idiot for forgetting... and he has been so very thoughtful towards me. I am sure he understands. I am shamed forever, sis @kerrislravenhill!

It's OK You Know That Ms. Saver......No Worries

Those animated gifs are fun, it's like we get to experience the unboxing with you!

Also happy b-day to @stockjockey!

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Indeed, they are so much fun. And now that I got into mojis... I am addicted to them!

What a loot pile!! I love how you made your dream of living in California a reality @silversaver888.

Me too, I love the SF Bay Area and the entire gold country! Over the next few days, I shall show what I picked up from @stokjockey.

2 things-

1: I hope to come across a girl wearing that charm bracelet one day.

2: glad to see ssg-community upvoted. 🤣

Hehehe, I am also so very glad that ssg came, @welshstacker!

Did you grow up in Hawaii? My cousins did too. Saying you dreamed of living on the mainland and then going to school in Cali.... this all sounds very Hawaiian! 😍 🏝 🌺

Hehehe... Mahalo's for noticing! I think that only those from the Islands refer to the US Continent as "mainland"... that is why it sounds very Hawaiian. Aloha, my sweet friend, @dfinney! And I make fantastic leis. My Dad (was a lawyer and) in the Airforce, stationed in Hawaii at JAG, met my Mom (who was an Army nurse stationed in Germany at that time) who was vacationing in Hawaii. They fell in love, Mom left the service to marry Dad, had my 2 brothers and then me... yup born and raised in Hawaii.

My uncle was a lawyer and he practiced mainly in Hawaii and in Guam. He and my aunt mostly grew up in Seattle and met here, but they moved to Honolulu after they got married. So my cousins were born and grew up there. (Iolani classes of 89 and 95.) Then my cousins came to Seattle for college and the whole fam moved back after the youngest was here for school. ☺️

Freshman year of college I went on a couple of dates with a Punahou boy too. 😄🌺

You being from Hawaii makes so much sense! The Hawaiian silver rounds, the video of you making a lei, the chocolate covered macadamia nuts you sent, your love of beach vacations! 😍 You can take a Hawaii kid out of Hawaii but you can never take the Hawaii out of the kid!

Thank you for sharing your family's story, my sweet friend @dfinney! I feel much closer to you. I appreciate your friendship.

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I miss San Francisco... I haven't been there in over Three Years...
August 4, 2019... 13.9 Hollywood Time...

Then you must visit again, @pocketchange!

Happy #PirateSunday Ms. CALI, Thank You for The Sweet Birthday Wishes........I am Grateful that You are Happy with your Purchase........Nice LOVE Token by The Way, I know you will always Cherish It......@silversaver888

I will try to show the silver you picked up for me over the next few days. @stokjockey! Thanks for the Seated Liberty Dime "charm", and ys, I will cherish it. Belated Happy Birthday again, my friend! Take care.

You are Welcome Ms. CALI

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Love vintage stuff. The coin charm is lovely 💖

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