First Year Issue 1982 Libertad BU

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Those who know @silverd510, know he really is into quality silver coins.

I know you are a fan of junk silver. I just can't do it. Coins are meant to be beautiful and appreciated just like a good woman. You know I like coins but condition means everything.-- @silverd510

I promised my bestie, @silverd510 that I'd show him a few BU coins.

I don't stack Libertad coins, but I am on a tubular journey for first year issue 1982 Libertad coins. I like the first design of the Libertad (better than the current design), and I just thought that it would great to have a tube of brilliant uncirculated (BU) specimens of this beautiful Mexican bullion coins.


First Year Issue 1982 Silver 1 Onza Libertad BU

Special thanks to @stokjockey for finding these for me.

I have two more 1982 Silver Libertad BU coins to add to the stack!

Silver Libertad Coin Highlights
  • Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • The obverse features a sculptural relief design of the National Shield of Mexico, encompassed by the legend "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" (United Mexican States).
  • The reverse of the coin depicts two symbols of the Mexican people: the Winged Victory statue in the forefront and the Mexican volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl in the background.
  • These coins are guaranteed by Banco de Mexico.
  • ...and I hope these coins meet the standard and approval of my bestie, @silverd510. LOL!

    Thank you for viewing this article. I will see you again soon!

    @silversaver888 is a proud member of #steemsilvergold


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    😊Make your day a Fiesta!!!😊
    Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!!

    I also want to let you know, my friends, that this may be my last article for a while. I am grateful for your friendship and support. I hope to be back when the time is right.

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Great looking silver @silversaver888, I think I may only have 1 of the more current libertad, but they are great coins. Love that vintage silver, and getting them in BU is never bad!

I hope everything is ok, and you are not gone long. Your will be missed!!!

Thank you, @senstless.

Wow, those are very nice bestie. Going tubular....🤣🤣🤣 thanks for the shout out.🌹

As promised, bestie! Thank you, @silverd510.

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So MUCH to comment on!!!

First up.... beautiful coins! What did you decide about the 2018 coins? BU? Proof? Both?

Second... your emoji game is ON POINT again! Though I did like how you snuck in a smiling one the other day too. ☺️

Third... GOING AWAY?!!!! 😭😭😭 I know you have disappeared for stints before. I hope you aren’t gone long. The more people who leave the harder it gets to stay. I hope all is well in the real world and hope that the right time for return comes soon! If it doesn’t I will see you on “the gram” and discord for sure. 🤗


Thank you, my sweet friend @dfinney! Luv ya! Yes.... #ladiesofssg4ever!

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One collection better than the other 💐🤭 beautiful 💕

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Thank you, @clitadias.

You're welcome. Have a lovely day 🌈💐🥰 I'm still waiting for my VP to get back up😚

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Well if they don't meet @dsilverd510 high standards, they definitely do mine. That's some sexy looking coinage you have there SS. I also agree with you and think the original design is better looking.

Thank you, @welshstacker.

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