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Silver Quest

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Silver Quest would like to do something new. Possibly create a small use for Steem. Many of these small pieces might be needed before we actually get Steem to the mainstream. Getting there is not to far beyond reality. I could go into the various pieces of what can be done, for today, Let's just focus on Silver.

We would like to plan on hosting a range of coins for trade. we will begin our adventure with two coins. One of these coins is the Steem 2019 coin. This will be held by our U.S.A. Treasurer @enginewitty Our second coin Liberty or was it Justice One of them, will be held by our European Treasurer @saffisara Both have agreed to help begin this project and I hope they do stay around to see some benefits from it too. I also hope they become active buyers for the account too when it grows.

Our coins for trade will be at a higher premium than other coins of the same type or identical. 62% of the value of the sale price (NOT! including postage) will be powered up in Steem to an account attached to the coin. At any time you can redeem the coin for that Steem. At the current value of Steem. Now is a great time to invest in these coins.

As I know we are the only market with a preference for working with a Steem and not other tokens out there. While we are willing to trade for the other token, All trades will be done on a current value of Steem or SBD related market values.

We are not here to give competition to other dealers of the silver coins. More to try our own new unique niche that has not been covered yet with the silver or Steem. We will need help from all you other traders out there too I bet at some stage.

Steemit will be used as our advertisement platform. Post of available coins will be published and updated with a new post with any changes to coins available.

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To finish off this post I would like to pose a question to you. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. There is only the answer you come with. That is the right answer. The first thought you have is the right answer. Do not think too long about it I am not going to be responsible for your preexisting madness tendencies to be brought to the forefront, You already had those.

The question is. Wait I need to set the scene before I ask the question.

So, There I was laying in my bed hands resting behind my head, just lazy before I dozed off to sleep gazing up at the stars as I lay there and I thought to myself, where the fk did my ceiling go.
No dammit not the right story let me start setting the scene again.
There I was laying in bed, Sleeping. The eye's moving rapid beneath the eyelids. shooting left right up down and all angles like scarabs eating away beneath the flesh of an Egyptian mummy. The sweetest of dreams began to play. I was there. finally I was there made it through the airport, Back to her house and sitting having coffee.

Are you looking at my boobs.
Who me no. No. I was just looking around. No no I wasn't no.
Again the same 5 minutes later.
The same denial.
A repetitive every 4 or 5 minutes eventually led to a you are I can see you.
Informing her I was not looking at her boobs and was only looking at a boob, I was viewing them one at a time, seems to be no defense at all.

So here I am in this dream now laying in bed unable to get any sleep.

I look at the wall behind the head of the bed as I am laying down. I am lay flat on my back with me head resting not turned to either side. I now look at that wall.

Thhe question is.
What direction am I looking?


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I have no clue what direction you are looking, but I would be looking in the direction of her boobs.

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