Incredible Ingot Sighting 👀

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There has been an incredible silver ingot sighting over the past couple days. As usual the ingots get shared around privatly amongst collectors. Which is usually an effort to sell. .

This monster ingot is going to take a special buyer. But BOY is it special. It is not listed for sale on EBay for around $50,000.
image image image
**US Mint of Philadelphia 197.68oz Silver Ingot. The shape of this ingot is often referred to as a coffin style. I have only seen a couple of coffin style ingots. They were odd weight 100oz ingots. Unlike this monster 200oz odd weight example! The only draw back on this piece is the hallmark is very light. Making it difficult to see the iconic US Mint hallmark.

Well if anyone has an extra 50k floating around. This ingot would be fun to hold in hand !!!😎✌.

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Wow, that thing is ridiculous!

Mind blowing...

That is a really nice ingot. I like the coffin shape. Awesome!

The coffin shape is so unique. Very sharp!

Ahhh... so those are called coffin style! Now I know!
Thanks for showing another awesome bar, @silveingots!

Perfect for Halloween Ms. Saver !

Ohh I love this big ugly chunk of beautiful Silver.

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