GIVEAWAY!!- Engelhard 1oz Silver Bar

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I am making a strong effort to start off my Steemit journey on the right foot. Thus far, everyone has been very welcoming. I look forward to meeting new people!

This giveaway is for a 1oz Engelhard .999 Silver Bar Serial # PB0003880!

The rules:

  1. Upvote post
  2. Follow me
  3. Resteem
  4. Comment**

** Leave a comment on which is a better investment? Cryptocurrency or Precious Metals. Why??**

You MUST complete rules 1-4 in order to be eligible for entry into this giveaway. I will be using to select one lucky winner at 11am ET on March 11, 2018.

If you have any questions feel free to tag me in the comment section. I will respond as soon as possible. Check out my two most recent blog entries if you have interest in precious metals. Thank you and your time and goodluck!

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I wonder if you think we should buy the PM's on the Dip, or
wait until after the "possible" Reset of our U.S. Coinage...???

COIN MAN by @pocketechange ...A penny may cost a dollar...


@pocketchange I believe it's usually worth buying at any dip. How much to buy is the tough question. Keeping the "possible" reset in mind. I've always found waiting for something to happen has caused me to miss out what's happening now.

Both have positives and negatives. If I had to chose one it would be precious metals due to their history of worth over thousands of years.

Good to have you as part of the #steemsilvergold community


Valid point there. Appreciate the welcome into the community! @kp138

If timed correctly, crypro-currencies are hands down the best “investment” there is. Massive gains can 10x or 20x your buy-in in little time. However, one only benefits when something tangible can be withdrawn from aforesaid gains. And this is where the PMs literally shine.

Without specific parameters it is hard to opine one way or the other, but the 1-2 punch has been a knock-out and stack-up method for me.


Agreed! I believe the 1-2 punch is the way to go. Safety and security along with high risk reward.

I believe right now you can make more money with Crypto's on a percentage basis over the next couple of years. I do like Precious Metals too as you can see @stokjockey postings...............


@stokjockey Stack em up!! 👍

Neither is "better" they both serve a different investment purpose.
Crypto is the best high risk investment, biggest gains possible, risk and volatility. Silver is one of the best wealth preservation investments.

Depending on where your risk profile is and current portfolio allocation is where allocations are pointed.


It's always interesting to hear different perspectives. Appreciate you taking the time to express yours.@senstless

Get it man can wait to see more bars

metals is still a better investment in my opinion in a shtf scenario or EMP aftermath.

I was gifted both from a 70 yo lady. Can you explain what the serial number and letters mean?


@raserrano I would agree metals are a safer long term investment. The PF prefix bar's you have pictured below have an estimated mintage of <800,000. This style 1oz bar has many different serial number prefixes. Including P, PA, PE, and PG. There has been no information explaining what these prefixes stand for. Atleast to my knowledge anyways. Thanks for sharing your photo.


Thanks for the info

I don't think I can really add to what most people have commented to be honest. Most of us clearly "stack" a precious metal of some kind and a large chunk of us have started investing in cryptos also.

It was silver for me before cryptocurrency and it will always be precious metals. I totally get what cryptos have to offer and for me it's a way to purchase more silver.

Cryptocurrency for the generation of wealth and precious metals for the storage of wealth. Hope that makes sense.


@welshstacker Makes perfect sense to me ! Thanks for participating.

I was a big silver & gold man (thanks to Ron Paul mainly)

  • until I ran across Steemit.
    • Now I like crypto better!
      • To get gold and silver, I must first trade my time (at a job) to earn fiat currency which can then be used to purchace g&d...
      • To get crypto (Steemit), all I've done is trade my time (blogging and such) which earns me crypto. (cutting out the middle man)

WizNote: Luckily I had invested in some gold & silver before my wife got cancer. I was able to sell some at quite a profit, to help sustain us through the financial trials of all those medical bills (even with excellent insurance...). BTW She fought like a girl, but kicked cancer's butt!!! 6 going on 7 years cancer free now! woohoo

The rules:
✔ Upvote post
✔ Follow me
✔ Resteem
✔ Comment


@wizardave Amazing story about your wife. Love hearing that. Thanks for participating!


You're welcome & thanks for the contest @silveringots!
😎 Cool idea

I'm pretty proud of her and also feel blessed I had a bit of "real" money...


To get gold and silver (read everything), I must first trade my time (at a job)

Unfortunately most people don't think like that. That is what drives me when i look for a job. It was driving me even when i didn't know that in the past. For the past 15 years, I have worked on more than 100 jobs (students included) and i quit when i don't like spending my time there. Now I work on several different project close to subjects I like or/and with people i love/like.
Because time is what we have.
Spend it whith people you love


HI @mandalacode

  • yes, people have a problem thinking outside the box.
    • they are trained as young people to do good in school, get a good job, use the banking system to get things you want or need, then spend time working a job (most people are unhappy with) to pay back the banker, and oh, don't forget to invest for retirement...
      • I read your intro post... Good luck bringing your friends and family to the Steemit platform! Develop that plan, work the plan...

Yes, it is sad but thrue.

Tnx for support, i have bring some of them already :)


@mandalacode Great comment. I appreciate your perspective. Thank you for participating!

I've been using cryptos to buy more metals so honestly I can't pick which is better? I prefer metals as they're not as volitile and more fun to hold so I guess if I had to pick I'd go with the shiny 👍😎


I have been doing the same. The combination is a strong play in my opinion. Thanks for participating. @goldenarms

For an investment, if done properly, crypto all the way. The gains that have been and could be made are incredible. I see silver and other pm's as more of a physical manifestation of wealth. Something that can be held and enjoyed yet still worth its weight in gold so to speak.

Precious metals are the better investment because they are shiny and Beautiful and make you feel like a Pirate!! :-)


@owenwat Nothing better than feeling like a Pirate!! Thanks for participating.

Love me some silver, mainly coins but I will buy bars if at the right price

Precious metal is the better investment. It is much safer, harder to manipulate and time tested and proven. Diversity is what makes a portfolio strogn though.


@lildebbie I agree. Thanks for participating!

I have dabbled in Crypto, I started when 1 bitcoin was worth $3000 dollars so I wasnt too worred when the market crashed, however I wont be investing any more money into it for a while.
Gold and silver are a much better thing to sink your money into. Even if silver dropped to $5 per oz, you still have something you can look at and physically touch/hold in your hand.


@silverforfun Nice entry into bitcoin! Thanks for participating!

Not sure it's a question of which is a better investment. I personally think it comes down to how best to manage your risk. How are you equipped to handle the range of volatility seen with the asset class you choose to participate in?


@jrd450 Yes, the question was very broad. I was interested in seeing the response. I believe you broke it down well. Appreciate your perspective and participation in this giveaway.

I recovered about 500 grams of silver metal from old photographic developing chemicals!


Very cool. How pure was the silver ? How long did process take ? @qiyi


Final product at least 95% pure. It took years of salvaging developing solutions from X-rays, photos, newspapers, camera shops, etc. to get that much. It looks like black powder until it is melted into solid chunks.


That's incredible. Nice work!


Don't try this at home, or at least indoors:
Once consolidated from all sources by dissolving in nitric acid, the solution was boiled and evaporated into a crude nitrate slug. The slug was fired in an air-blown wood oven in a loosely closed ceramic vessel. The nitrate decomposed by evolution of toxic, corrosive nitric oxide gases (NO2 + N2O5) with a characteristic red-brown color. Gases escaped a safe distance away from human activity. Black metallic powdered silver remains in the ceramicvessel. If melted with a welding torch, it is bright, pure silver! It took a couple of days.


Certainly some science involved there. Very interesting

Must have slipped by. Nice contest. Hope i'm not to late

Best Investment? Hmm, I think PM, because I believe PM are about to skyrocket soon, like cryptos did last year. And cryptos will catch up later. PM will have to come to fair market value, and I think this will be coming soon.
Check out my first real post about easy simple stacking.


@jayem I will check out your first post. I hope silver is going to make a run up this year. I do believe the potential is there. It's well overdue. The manipulation is just so strong.

Gotta go with Precious Metals, A massive crash of the whole electronic infrastructure could happen, something you could hold in your hand is a safe bet.


@darkmrmystic Valid point. Thanks for participating.

All 4 are done. Nice bar, thanks🍺


Thanks and goodluck! @simverd510

It's really hard for me to pick but if I had to choose, I'd go with silver, for me, investing in silver is more of a "sure-thing" as far as retaining the value of your money, plus it has the benefit of not being dependent on the internet and it can't be hacked (but can be stolen)
Cryptos require more management and attention and are more risky but have higher reward potential.
So I'd pick silver if I could only have one but I think they go together like chocolate and peanut butter so I'm glad I can have both.


@raddog " Like chocolate and peanut butter "👍👍

Appreciate your entry and goodluck!

thats a nice old bar, have a few myself


@uglyboy thanks man! Take a look at some of my previous posts. I have some great photos of rare ingots that you don't see everyday.

I have both as part of a very defensive investment portfolio, no debt, about $2k of Crypto, lots of PMs, stored foods, weapons and a Rental Property.


@kerrislravenhill Nice diversification!

Nice giveaway!
I like crypto right now.... Because it allows me to invest even more in metals! But yeah, both awesome, but I'm a stacker at heart.


@fat-elvis Thanks ! Can't disagree with you there.

Tricky question, but I would have to go with both.

Crypto has a lot of promise for the future. And is essential to solving certain problems that are going to crop up in upcoming technology. However, it is really hard at the moment to pick winners. And there will be many losers...

On the other hand, precious metals are a proven store of wealth.

As a freelancer that needs to provide for my own retirement it is wise for me to cover as many bases as possible!


@bengy Great comment. I am in the same boat and completely understand your point of view. Thanks for participating.

It depends which cryptocurrency and what metal.

I was writing about it in a similar subject before.
Silver is most undervalued metal
Besides his potential uses as antibacterial features or some other features, there is much less silver than gold on the planet.
So if we take that gold has around 100 times bigger price than silver i would say that silver is very good investment

Also i have a crazy method to count value things and places and that is:
What would i rather have in time of global natural disaster and the answer is that i want to have SILVER and COPPER

But if you look crypto world there is NEO and ETH wich should have similar value but it is not case. Jet ;)

The answer to your question is:

Thank you for this post and giveaway

ps. if I get this I will use it in a experiment (without damaging it) and then place it with my paper wallets on safe place.


@mandalacode All valid points. Thanks for your perspective and participating!

I believe both are good investments but I believe that silver is better because it has 100's of years of evidence that it is a good investment. plus I love looking at and holding my silver. thanks for doing this cool giveaway.


@kanedizzle08 Nothing better than being able to hold your assets in hand. Thanks for participating!

Both are valid investments! I enjoy both as a way to secure the future, but precious metals have been valuable since the dawn of time, so Ill go with that for my answer.
Thanks for the giveaway! Good idea!


@squishysquid Metals certainly have certainly proven themselves. Thanks for participating!

Over the past year, my returns on crypto have far outpaced silver, but it depends on your time horizon, and how quickly you might want to get out of it. Crypto is a lot easier to liquidate, but that doesn't do you any good if it's down 80%.


@method Agreed. Thanks for participating.

Great contest!! Following, upvoted and resteemed.
Personally I think metals are more of a wealth preservation than an investment. You can make money with cryptos if you time it right. For me, I like metals more


@silver. Push come to shove I am a metals guy too. Thanks for participating.

Both are good investments in the right context. Since crypto has the widest swings, whenever you have some gains, you would want to put those into something a little more stable like precious metals for the long term.


@cyber.explorer It seems like the strongest play is to pull the crypto gains and put that into precious metals. Thanks for participating!

I think they both have advantages and disadvantages. If you know what you're doing, you can get your money back faster with cryptocurrency and gain more profits. On the other hand, precious metals won't fade away anytime soon and they will continue to have a stable value.


i don't know about metals.


No problem. Thanks for participating!

What is a better investment, crypto or precious metals?

The safer investment is precious metals but in the short term if you play the market with crypto the gains could be huge. It’s a bigger gamble with crypto as certain ones will go to zero.

In my view it depends how much you are willing to gamble. Are you willing to lose everything? Precious metals will always be here so I think they will be a better investment in the long term and that’s why I’m storing precious metals.


@huw28582 That is how I see it as well. Thanks for participating.

Done done done and done. Best of luck with the comp guys!


@cryptocomic thanks for participating!

Although precious metals are a good investment, channels aren't widely available to gain physical possession. With cryptocurrency anyone with internet access can possess the digital resource.


@qiyi Valid point! Thanks for participating!

I think it depends how fast of a return one wants. For a possible quicker return, crypto could be better, but for a long term investment, precious metals are the way to go. I have started dabbling in both, but I think I am going to lean more towards precious metals since the prices are somewhat low.


@knowledge-seeker I would agree. Taking crypto profit and putting that into precious metals is a great way to build wealth. Thanks for participating!

The question of which is a better investment, crypto or precious metals, is a hard one to answer straight up. The reason being not that they are too similar, but that they are extremely disparate, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

The primary difference between the two is the level of volatility. Crypto goes up and down, often unexpectedly and with little warning. Precious metals on the other hand typically have a standard growth that is slower but less risky and more predictable.

Other differences include the price of investment. Newer cryptos or ones on a (temporary)downswing can have an extremely low buyin price whereas precious metals are, due both to supply/demand and the age old habit of "investing" in them, have much higher prices.

Buying and selling. Cryptos are easier to buy and sell, much faster as well with instant gratification on that front. This can be good or bad, depending on a number of factors in its own right.

Loss of assets. Precious metals are probably safer from a literal loss, your house and safe, or bank, would have to be physically robbed. While cryptos can be hacked, wallets phished, and wrong addresses used.

SHTF. In a "shit hits the fan" scenario both will become extremely devalued. The longer such troubles continue the more value they will lose. Despite the fact that in truly troubled times, think zombie apocalypse, gold and silver will be worth no more than dirt. As a whole though, cryptos would lose faster and in many cases be absolutely unaccessible. Due either to power loss or internet restrictions.

The short answer is that both have their own risks and rewards. The long answer is much longer than everything I have written here. The middling answer is that neither is necessarily better than the other, in my opinion anyway.


@erebus Certainly a hard question straight up. Always interesting to see in what perspective someone responds to the question. Appreciate your comment!